Convert 2 AC outlets to 6

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It’s an easy riddle to solve:

image image image image

One important consideration for these kind of adapters is the screw in the middle is not for show – if you don’t use it, you will find the adapter flying out of the wall every time you unplug something.

Also, if you have fancier Decora-style receptacles (i.e. flat and rectangular) these will not work because there will be no center screw. It’s an easy and cheap enough fix: buy a regular receptacle and wall plate and just swap them out. It’s still an annoyance to consider.

FWIW, I much prefer these:

(There are similarly good ones from Beklin.)

They are flatter, have surge protection, and have built-in and reasonably powerful 2.4A USB ports which means one less wasted outlet.


Can you split one female into two males? (Or better yet, one male into two males)





This for real.

In some cases (like in a place that I worked) if they aren’t anchored properly you might end up with fire shooting out of the walls when the weight of all the cords plugged in gradually leverages the thing off the faceplate and begins arcing. (After noticing this exciting effect my office-mates and I removed the other half dozen similarly installed units and discovered telltale scorch marks on most). Needless to say they all went unceremoniously into the trash bin and proper distribution strips were ordered).


I’ve told this story before but I’ll post it again.


Take a look at the one in tfa. While it is not flat and does not have a built in USB port, it is designed to handle wall warts and other large plugs better than your example. The usb charger that came with my iPad would definitely cover at least one and a half of the outlets in your example. As for why I would need to use a separate charger, my iPad would sneer at the usb outlet in your example, and remain at a steady state.

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Do whatever you want. I just linked to the one I use and like enough to have 3 installed throughout my place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I have a rotatable 6 plug adapter with 2.1A usb ports by CE Tech and my wife’s iPad Pro doesn’t complain… But then again it’s Apple so.

I have a Belkin one as well and it’ll charge on that. Might not be fast, but when you got 6+ hours over night it’s not a deal.

Besides everything should have wireless charging anyway.

I would point out here that sometimes kitchens are wired a little different. You can have two circuits being run with alternating outlets. This way you don’t necessarily end up with a coffee maker and toaster oven on the same circuit. I have no problem with people throwing a ton of items on one outlet or circuit just as long as you understand how to use them.
(ie, in our master bath you can’t run a hair dryer on high and a curling iron at the same time for them being on the same circuit but separate outlets.)

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I used to write out of a local watering hole (hey, free wifi, a place to have meetings, the fries were good and they brought me beer - cheaper than renting an office) but they only had one outlet available for cretins like who hung out with their 'pooters. So my friends and I just went ahead and installed a similar device to expand everybody’s access. More than once actually. They’d eventually disappear and have to be replaced. But the fries were good.

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This is the exact reason. I have several of these or similar in our house. Specifically for the extra space by not being flat.

One for a google home, nightlight, and leave a space for the vacuum cleaner. Bonus, point the nightlight to the side.

One for a cheap digital frame, wireless subwoofer, space for the vacuum cleaner or a USB charger.

All those things are relatively low draw (except the vacuum) and have large plugs. A power strip would mostly work too, but this looks nicer. The flat one wouldn’t work for this use.

If only that were so. Sadly, wireless charging is a huge power waster, at least at the current (ha!) state of the art. Also, how do you charge an iPhone wirelessly while using it?

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