A useful AC and USB extension cord

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That is not a “USB extension cord.” There’s no male USB end.

It’s an AC extension cord with an integrated USB power adapter.


I should have an actual USB extension cord somewhere. I wonder where it went. Not as common an item as one would expect.

Yep those are nice. Good for traveling too, if that ever comes back in vogue.

Here is the manufacturer’s web page. Unfortunately it was written by designers, not by engineers. The two-USB-outlet cord offers 2.4 amps; the three-outlet cord, 3.4 amps; and the four-outlet cord, 4.8 amps. I’m guessing that 3.4 number should have been 3.6. We learn also that the cord supports 13 amps and 125 volts and therefore is good for 1625 watts, but that plug is for 120-volt outlets. And, because the cord uses 16-gauge wire (per the Amazon page), running 13 amps through it could start a fire.

There’s no mention of which USB charge protocols are implemented. Apple? Qualcom? The math above suggests 1.2 amps per charge port, which will only trickle-charge an iPad.


Those are indeed useful. Allocacoc also has a couple of similar products (the PowerCube extended USB and the PowerBar USB), upcoming models will also have Power Delivery.

I have a couple, one is filled with ferrite chokes and I use it for RTL-SDR, the other is like 15 long and I use it to reach better an USB connector on the rear of the sat receiver…

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Looks like some sort of sex toy.

It could remembe me of an etherkiller.




Apparently available at many Target stores.

I’ll see your HDMI to quick-connect water hose and raise you

XLR microphone to quick connect compressed air.


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