This 28-port USB ports hub is ridiculously powerful

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Ridiculously powerful and 500mA (with a power supply input of 5V at 4A) adds up to supporting only 8 devices at full power.

Using the phrase “ridiculously powerful” would imply that all ports would be able to deliver 3000mA at 5V.
(I am looking at the four USB 3.0 ports and wondering whey they aren’t at least capable of delivering 900mA.)


Ya, I don’t think that thing is going to power my grill.


I can’t remember the exact spec (and this was years ago so it may have changed), but I thought a HUB was limited to 4 ports with a 7 port hub actually being a 4 port hub actually giving up one of its ports to be essentially another hub.

So whatever the actual limitation is, I’m sure 28 ports isn’t it. So you are starting right off the back with a couple layers of Hubs between you and your hardware.

Not sure I’d like that.


I know with USB 2.0 you are correct but you were allowed 127 devices per master port (while technically one port/device per 4 was used to feed into the next set of four).


How about a 97-port USB 3 hub?


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Was actually looking at usb hubs recently, to replaced the daisy-chained 4xport powered + (£1 pound-shop ultra-cheapo thing) 4xport bus-powered USB2 hubs i have on my desk.

Was looking at a 7port USB3 hub plus two USB charging ports model i found and was wondering if it had an excessive amount of ports… But 28? O.o Seems overkill for nearly anyone…

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Do they make any smaller ones? I think I just need 4 at most.

Also, do they come in any other color lights? “Blue LED” is kind of annoying.


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It’s 4 uSB3 ports. plus 24 USB2 ports.


/connects up hub, turns off 25 ports



Note the double tier “seven” port hub.

I vaguely recall that usb3 tweaked this.

Thank you. That (or a similar) was the graphic I was interested in.

Edit - I have to say in that graphic, I’d hate to be troubleshooting Bluetooth issuers with someone over the phone.


You can get USB hub chips for 2 to 7 ports. 7-ports would be TI TUSB2077A or Microchip USB553xB for example.

However, it’s often cheaper to cascade two 4s, so when you get a 7 port hub, if you really care you should find out, if possible, what’s inside. Someone would have to run USBDeview on this to see what it’s using. The USB5537B is 7 ports with 4 of them USB 3.0, which is why you see that a lot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using it.

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Also, as long as anyone wonders WHY SEVEN ports, there is a status byte for activity update that’s one bit per endpoint. The upstream is port 0, so that leaves 7 bits to fit in a byte, so seven ports. The USB 2 spec does let you use more bytes if you want more ports, but for ease of using existing firmware/software almost everyone sticks with one byte and 7 ports is convenient to do with 2 cascaded 4s, so lazy wins.

Unless you decide to GO BIG like this one.

Edit: Klossner points out below that even USB 1 lets you use multiple status bytes, which I thought was new in USB 2… but mostly people don’t bother.


If a port with nothing plugged uses power, they did it wrong. There should be no current at all until a pull-up resistor is connected to one of the data lines.