Anker's 10-port USB charger on sale for $33.59

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What is the limit to daisy chaining these things?

same as any USB hub.

However since these are POWERED hubs, you’d likely run out of electrical sockets before you hit the upper hub limit. :slight_smile:

Are you backing up The Pirate Bay?

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Just FYI, according to camelcamelcamel, these are usually $40, not the $99 that’s listed.

This is old usb 2.0, not the faster 3.0, correct?
This is not a USB hub. It is intended to provide power outputs only. You will not be able to use it to provide additional USB connection ports for a device.

Useless to me.

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Well, it’s a charger, not a hub. There’s no upstream connection, just a wall plug.

do 5V DC to 120V AC converters exist?

I have this charger, indeed very handy. Very well built, as has been everything that I’ve bought from Anker.

Just once I’d like to see one of these 10 (or similar) plug chargers actually supply full power to every port. Not this maximum of 2.4 amps up to four ports. Put out up to 2.4 to all the plugs at once if needed.

Cost maybe a couple of dollars more for a better transformer at most. Total is still less than a 100 watt bulb would be. I want to not have to worry about which of my tablets need hi power and which don’t or how many things might be plugged in at any one time.

The apparently internal PSU is a nice touch.

A lot of ‘USB Chargers’ are suspiciously similar to USB hubs; just with the ‘hub’ options either nonexistent or deeply unloved; but still reliant on a huge, ghastly, wall wart of limited trustworthiness.

If you actually have enough power-only USB devices in your life to be in the market for something that delivers power without data; you might as well at least skip the wall wart. And make it rack mountable; with SNMP monitoring… Um… where was I?

I really need a USB expansion hub and have bought some cheap ones that were sorta OK for really low powered stuff, but other wise crap. Then I got an Anker 10-port (not the one here) and I love it. Finally, one that works!


Markedly less common than 12 or 24v ones, for obvious vehicular reasons; but assorted Deeply Reliable Suppliers on Alibaba claim to have them.

Between the vastly more common 5v AC adapters; and the inverters that also provide a 5v output as a convenience feature, it’s an annoyingly noisy search, however.

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that’s the reason why I stopped googling myself after about half of an frustrating minute : )

That appears to be what I’m looking for.

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