If you play Pokémon Go, you need this PokeCharger

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Pfft. No one plays that anymore.


(Insert rant about how inconsistent BoingBoing is and about to collapse under the weight of its own internal contradictions.)

3300 mAh isn’t going to give you more than one full charge. I picked up a 10000 mAh pack for $29… It’s ruggedized, it has a stupidly bright flashlight built in, and it’s just full of 18650s I can replace very cheaply when they wear out (yes, I vape.)

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I picked up a 22000 mAh for far less than $29 on a jungle themed shopping site, and I am very satisfied with it. It’s currently available there for about the same price as this PokeCharger.


Yeah, they’re pretty cheap online. This was a bit of an impulse buy from the local wally world before a Pokemon excursion. I do like the extra features and how small it is, so I’m happy.

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Wouldn’t a 3.0 Amp charger fry the battery if you leave it plugged in all the time, as would seem to be the standard use case for the average Pokemon Go player? Or is that not a thing any more?

3A is the maximum it can allegedly supply, the device will only draw what it needs. The quality of power banks varies from decent to outright scam, this doesn’t have enough capacity for the price, an Anker 5200mAh is about half the price.

The faster charging part is moderately BS too.

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B…b…but Pokemon colours! That’s gotta be worth a 100% mark up, surely? I’m sure it won’t age at all and prospective buyers will still feel a-ok with using it in 2018…

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Batteries have (or at least should do) have thermal protection circuits and shut down charging when they get too hot.

Amusing related occurrence i had: old windows mobile phone running google maps in a hot car. Eventually the battery heated up to the point the charging circuit cut out, which drained the battery. When it cooled a little it’d start charging, attempt to boot and the heat from the boot-sequence would knock out the charging circuit again, leaving the phone stuck in a repeating boot loop until i unplugged it and let it cool down properly.

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