Lumsing's Powerbank, a $23 10400 mAh USB battery charger


You can do better though. I use a 50,000mah battery. About ukpp20 on Amazon. Got my horribly hungry s3 through a five days festival no problem.

These cheap, high capacity chargers seem to cheap to be true. I know that some cheap batteries are inferno’s waiting to happen, but I have no idea which are which. Is a $70 Sony 10,000 mAh battery really safer the $23 Lumsing?

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Spend an extra $100 and you have a 12,000mah usb battery charger that comes with booster cables to jumpstart a dead car battery. The Powerall can charge your cellphone or your car.

By the way, you might have trouble flying with anything larger than 32,000mah in Canada and 60,000mah in the US

I saw something like that at Costco for $70, a jumpstarter, air pump, USB charger. Oddly, for all the power stored in the battery, the USB was only 1A. Didn’t fit in my pocket, either.

I have one for my VW and camping trips. I really love it and wired up a solar charging kit for it.

Zerolemon has an 18600mah battery for like $50 with both 2A and 1A ports

$21 from Amazon, includes a 2.1A socket.

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