Juice up on the go with this power bank/wireless charger combo

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Wireless charging is nice, but maybe some people are looking for a more environment-friendly alternative: There’s lots of powerbanks available where you can exchange the batteries when they start losing their capacity, they typically run on common 16850 Li-ion cells (the ones you can find in a Tesla, or in electric bikes and scooters)

Tomo has many of different models, xtar has two.

On this excellent site you can read in-depth tests of some of them, like this test of the Xtar PB2S

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that pb2s is really cool. I didn’t know devices like this exist.

Wow, thanks for that tip about the PB2S. Worth it just for the ability to disable auto power off when the current is below the threshhold, which is really handy for powering LEDs and things like that. A bit pricey at $23 without batteries though.

I use and love this charger, which has the additional benefit of having a 12v out:

And for anyone looking for the PB2S, here it is on Amazon:

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