Torpedo charger: light saber-y cigarette-lighter USB charger with its own battery


You lie. It doesn’t light cigarettes.

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Im guessing that the iPhone 5 is your frame of reference for ‘two phone recharges’. This ‘2 charge’ battery back-up would barely charge 1 Samsung Galaxy S4, only 86% of a Note 3… just tossing out ‘two phone recharges’ is a pretty big and inaccurate blanket statement.

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This is a great idea!

I wonder about their specs, though. It has the shape of a 16500 cylindrical Li-ion cell, which is typically 3.7V nominal at 2800 mAH. However, by the time the power goes through the boost converter to make 5.1V for the USB jack, it’s no longer 2800 mAH, but more like 2000 mAH. After all, boosting voltage requires more input current than output current.

To learn more about boost converters and charging phones, look up AdaFruit’s MintyBoost, which is the original version that uses AA alkaline cells and fits in an Altoids tin.

I’m pretty sure if I plugged this into the socket in my car (Peugeot 206) that I wouldn’t be able to change gear. Well, not into any of the even numbered gears…

it supplies 2800mHa of power

milli Hour amps?

And while I have this hair that I’m splitting: mAh is a measure of charge, not power. You need to add voltage to the equation to start talking about power.

pfft… this one’s a usb charger and a functional light saber

Couple that with a $1 usb car charger and you have the same thing as in this post, but cooler looking and functional!

Personally, I think that using the combination of a battery pack that can recharge off of a USB port, plus a USB power adapter that can supply power either from a car’s 12V plug or from an AC outlet (a local retailer has them for $6 - and they supply 3A, not the measly, slow-charging 1A the Brunton has), is better.

That way, you don’t have to carry around the battery’s AC adapter and you don’t have to use your laptop to charge up the battery, you can yank the USB power adapter from the car and use it in your hotel room.

Huh, I ordered this a couple days ago. Should be arriving this afternoon. Great timing!

Yup - totally agreed, that’s what Ingress players do.

One of the EA8s¹ in my area has a 12000 mAh battery the size of a whole second phone. He says he gets 6x the phone’s internal battery from it.

¹ :  Enlightened (green team) Agent (player) level 8 (top level²)
  ² : They recently added a level 9 that has no in-game benefit, just bragging rights.

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