Dual USB car charger doesn't dangle from cigarette lighter port


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Does it actually charge your devices? Every one of those damned things I’ve bought to date that didn’t come with a device simply doesn’t carry enough charge to be worth plugging in, and that’s just trying to charge one device, not two simultaneously.


I’ve never had problems with any that are specifically rated at 2 amps or more per port. Many of the cheap ones sold, especially in drug stores/etc aren’t capable of more than like 500-1000mA or so and won’t work for many newer phones.


Agree. The only 12v to USB adapters I’ve found that could keep my phone at 100% charge on long car trips (7 - 9 hours), with the display on the entire time while running Google Maps, a podcast player Bluetoothing audio to my car’s receiver, and Glympse running the background to let the people I’m visiting know where I am, are the Samsung chargers. A good deal of the trips are through areas with sparse cell and data connections, so the phone has to really ramp up power consumption to pull in the signals.

The first one I bought, for my Galaxy S3, was this one, and it’s the one I still use most of the time. But when I upgraded to the Galaxy S6, I also got another Samsung, with Adaptive Fast Charging, It can charge a flat phone to 85% in about 30 minutes (if it’s a phone that AFC capable).


My fingernails hurt just thinking of trying to remove it.


Just wedge a paperclip or all-metal screwdriver down in there to pop it out.


Aw, you did that on purpose!

(My car runs 650VDC, actually.)


9V powerports are hard to find.


The Scosche USBC202M is a similar 2 port, compact charger. It seems to work OK with two modern phones plugged in.


I recently got this car charger. It has a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port for my Android phone, plus a couple more generic high-current ports. This covers my wife’s iPhone plus an additional passenger’s Android device (though not as fast as mine).

It sticks out a lot more than this one, though.


I had to leave a string tied around the one I have so I can get it out when I need to.


What sort of crazy person doesn’t like dangley stuff in their car?


That’s because it has just a scosche more power…

(Wonder if they’re made in Nova Scotia?)


Yeah, what’s wrong with dangly bits?!? I like playing with mine… :stuck_out_tongue:


At least they didn’t curl up like roller blinds. :slightly_smiling:

And a tip o’ the hat to @Ratel


Surely you mean cigarette lighter…


Ahem…vape charger…



I’ve had problems with any flush charger over 500ma. Lighter sockets are often insulated to contain the brief but intense heat that a cigar lighter makes. The power supply creates waste heat, If it can’t escape, over time they sometimes heat up, discolor, and seem to roast the electronics.


STILL nobody’s brought up the Aukey/MVPower thing? Oh, I guess I just did. Sorry.

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