2-Port USB travel wall charger on sale for $6

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Capital-p ports are the most serious kind.

Meh. Only 1 really useful port, as the secondary port only puts out 1 amp. I have a similar charger, where the prongs also fold up to be out of the way. It’s a bad design, as you’ve got gravity working against you. A design where the prongs fold down would be much better.

And for $12.99 you can get this one which has 2.4A from each port, not just the one. So, you know, it’s actually useful.

RAVPower seems like a reasonably high quality manufacturer. I went looking for an alternative USB charger, and the highest rated one I found was a 4-port charger for $16… also by RAVPower.

The chargers that righto.com looks at are imitation Apple products, not alternative branded ones. I don’t see any mention of RAVPower on the site, but he did review a Monoprice brand charger and rated it the same as official Apple gear.

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