Dual USB charger with 10000mAh for under $10

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10 Amps? I think you might have an extra zero there.

(USB spec is 5v 1A.)

ETA - The Amazon page backs that figure up, but I’m still dubious. Even with their weird math, it seems like it should be something like 6A. I dunno, those classes were a long time ago. @shaddack?

10 amp-hours. Capacity, not current. Beware, this is usually quoted for the battery voltage (3.7V), not the output voltage (5V). One of the little gotchas.

The output current is quoted as 2.1 amps on one port and 1 amp on the other.


Yeah, I thought I was getting a lot of that wrong. :slight_smile:


Well, at least you both slid the decimal point back the right way. Carry on.

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I’m still hoping for a recharge pack that I can use to power my guitar stomp boxes. Sigh…

I have an Aldi store brand one that isn’t quite identical but looks suspiciously similar. Very happy with it.

What are the powering specs?

Such a long title for an Amazon product:

KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 (2.1Amp+1Amp Output,2Amp Input Fast Charging) Dual USB
Portable External Extended Battery Pack Power Bank Backup Charger For
iPhone 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4 iPad Air Retina Mini Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600
Neo S4 I9500 I9190 S3 I9300 S3 I8190 S2 Note 3 N9000 Gear HTC Sensation
One X S EVO 3D 4G DNA Thunderbolt Incredible Droid DNANexus 4 7 10 LG
Optimus V Blackberry Z10 Z30 Q5 Q10 Bold Curve Torch Motorola Razr Maxx
Bionic ATRIX Nokia Lumia 1020 920 Google Glasses and other 5V Smartphones

I picked up 2 of these off of Amazon ($13.99) back in June along with an X-Dragon 20W solar panel ($59.99) and went on a 5 day camping trip to Telluride Colorado for the Blue Grass Festival. Between the 4 of us who attended we never had a charge problem with our phones. I picked them on the basis of the huge amount of positive reviews and the price range. I would recommend them to anyone ! On a back note if you lack electricity the X-Dragon solar panel was amazing, it mostly charged both packs in about 6 hours in good sunshine.

have you used it much since then? i’m always suspicious of these huge-capacity batteries at such low prices, i imagine their useful number of discharges is pretty low.

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Typical stomp box uses a 9V battery. Their power dongles output can vary widely. I’ve seen anywhere from 100 to 500 mA. There are even ones with a max output of 1500 mA for use with a pedal board,

I have not used these specifically

All my big spare batteries have died after a hundred or so (or less) discharges. Anecdata-ly price doesn’t seem to enter into it.

You got two possibilities here.

One, get a step-up converter. A buck converter, e.g. something off eBay, that will make 9 volts from 5 volts USB. You can then use it to replace the battery. Beware of the switching frequency; if it is too low, it may carry over to the output. You can then even build it directly into the stomp box, so it has a microUSB connector on the outside.

Two, get a USB charger that can also charge a car battery. These have 12V output. Then use a 7809 chip on a piece of heatsink to get the voltage down. You may even get away with connecting it directly, though you may like to check the schematics and parts before, to make sure nothing gets fried.

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