Water and shock resisting 10400 mAh USB battery

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Is the amp-hour capacity related to the 5V output, or the 3.7V battery voltage? How many watt-hours?

Since there’s no such thing as a 1.5v/1A USB port (-: , I checked the sales copy, and I suspect you may have misread it. It numbers the outputs, like so…

USB Output 1: 5V/1.0A, USB Output 2: 5V/2.1A

Note sequence “one colon space five vee”, not “one point five vee” (-:

I.e., “Output 1” is 5V/1.0A, and “Output 2” is 5V/2.1A (exactly as they should be). (-:


It should be relative to the 5v output, because who cares what the internal cell voltage is anyway, right?

I mean, it could be anything, these days, with all the DC-DC converter schemes. (And whonose, maybe they stack their LIIon cells to make 7.4V raw DC, then trim to regulated 5V. Not that you’d have to, of course - 5v from 3.7v is perfectly doable, too)

That’s what it should be. But, yeah, never underestimate the cleverness of marketroids.

But… but… that’d be a lower value! (Double so for the buck boost converter losses.)

Edit: You can buy also the ones with 12V cells inside. Some can even provide enough current for short time to crank a car. They may be a bit better, as the buck converter is more efficient (usually) than the boost converter. The inefficiency then moves to charging (as if charged from 5V, the 5-12 boost one will take the inefficiency), but during charging you’re usually sitting on a big fat power supply anyway. It’s the discharging where percents of efficiency are to be hunted.

I got a 12000 mAh super-ruggedized external battery from New Trent - and found a week later that they’d suddenly and without warning exited the battery business. I still wonder what happened. Anyway, it’s given me terrific service, keeping my smartphone charged for a week at a time in the backcountry, running the GPS all day long to map trails. I’ve fallen into whitewater with it in my backpack, and it’s survived both the fall and the dunking.

If you happen to spot one of these on clearance or something, snap it up.


So its a torch with a good battery? Count me in.

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