Charge 4 devices at once with the Limefuel Blast 20000mAh battery pack

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20000000000000000 fAh It’s all about the femto Amp hours.


You know its okay to say 20 amp hours.


Knowing the amperage is great, but you really need to also mention the voltage. Obviously, not all devices run from the same voltage.

Everything that charges from a USB port runs from 5 volts.

The amp-hours are, for change, quoted for the battery voltage, which is about 3.7 volts (3 to 4.2V, with the plateau at 3.7).

…therefore the energy storage is about 74 watt-hours.

At 5 volts, with 85% efficiency of the boost converter inside, the capacity is 12.6 amp-hours.


I know that, but I doubt that everybody does. I waste too much time looking through lists of batteries and needing to look at pictures of them all for USB ports.

Generally, if not said otherwise, in context of portable power banks for cellphones and tablets, it is virtually always USB.

In rare cases there can be also a 9 or 12 volt output. 19 volts in case of a power bank for a laptop, but these are quite rare and way more likely to specify the output voltage explicitly, or at least obliquely (the 12V ones often advertise ability to recharge car battery to assist with cranking up).

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I’m all for BoingBoing making some money on advertising, but this is really klunky writing even for an ad. How about explaining why it charges “twice as fast as the competition”?


What you want is “native advertising” which is basically someone you trust saying “I found this really helpful Thing[patent pending]! You should have a Thing too, since you do [whatever the fuck Thing does] so often!”

Moden infomercials are a scam to manufacture a nonexistent need. I don’t feel bad about blocking all ads. Because I value my perspective.

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True, but my point isn’t that I prefer that type of advertising (which of course we all do), but that this is especially lame even by the standards of a lame form of advertising. It reads like a 1950s radio ad.

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