6 MPH police escort for old lady on scooter

@Carl_Pietranton and @paulchernoff

Thanks to both of you for the info. I spoke hastily.

When my Mom was coming down with Alzheimer. A friend saw her crying in the car at a newly build strip mall.

She lived in the area for 50 years…and went to her normal supermarket. And then got lost…the new strip mall threw her off and she didn’t recognize the area and just pulled in parked and cried.

I think it is more complicated than that, even. Each cop (people too!) have good and bad moments. The concern and sensitivity this one showed to an elderly woman may not be apparent later in the shift when confronted by somebody dangerous, threatening or annoying… Or it may! Good people do bad things and vice versa. I’d be happy with making training and regulations to encourage “good” behavior more often.

Thanks for the book reference. Goes on the reading list.

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and @shaddack

You’re right, it’s just that I just find it hard to attribute altruism to the police anymore.

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