Driver caught steering with feet while texting with both hand


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What? They can’t make a citizen’s arrest with recorded evidence?


To be fair, she had to catch them all.


Keep you mind on your drivin’ \ Keep you hands on the wheel \ Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead


A driver on the Schuylkill Expressway recorded another driver steering her car with her feet while texting with both hands.

“Shoe’ll kill Expressway”? Really? Somebody’s yanking our chain here…


So having recorded evidence of willful/reckless driving, and distracted driving at that, is not sufficient to have law enforcement take action? This is really disappointing.


…officers have to catch people in the act to arrest them.

Great news for thieves, arsonists, rapists and murderers!



We are at WAR with drugs, and you can open up a magazine at the grocery store with stories of people actively taking drugs. Do the cops then go and camp out and watch to catch these people?


If the cops caught her in the act, they would do something. They aren’t going to go after the trouble after the fact.

Unless she was a black male, then maybe we would have a shot at “justice”. But we all know males are better drivers who would never do that.



Don’t worry, they’ll be cleaning up her corpse soon enough. Hopefully she won’t take anyone else with h


(Sorry! Had to swerve for a bus.)


Some of us have gotten so used to driving that we forget what is actually involved-- we are careening down the road at about 60mph (much faster than we would on a bike), and other large metal boxes are coming towards us at a similar speed. I was stuck behind a student driver going through a busy highway interchange the other day, and I could understand his/her reasons for going slow, the reality of what is actually going on around is scary until you get used to it. This texting dumbass on the Schuylkill expressway (pronounced “skookil”) maybe thinks she’s being rebellious and hardcore, but it only takes a second to lose control of a car, and then you’re in a giant metal coffin.


And now that is stuck in my head. Thank you/I hate you.


Yes, I have not seen that yet, but as a motorcyclist I’m sure I will someday.


Don’t underestimate the dangers of riding a bike, either. A crash at 10mph can kill you.


How great would it be if it turned out she wasn’t texting but rather playing Traffic Racer…


It’s Dutch for “Hidden River”, part of the whole “New Amsterdam” colonial legacy.

I especially like the town called “Fishkill”.


Alright, but what is Coxsackie Dutch for? (and how great are the ironically-happened-in-a-town-named-that storied that come out of there?)


The good news is this person will die, soon. The bad news is someone else may also.


Cars today are very safe. I doubt she will die.

She will just probably get a badly broken hip when the airbag forces her leg backwards.


Future Darwin Award recipient.


I imagine she’ll get a fractured skull from the airbag pushing her leg into her face. This is going to be tough on the parents and the funeral home.