Watch: cop pulls over a driver for texting while driving and she tries everything she can to make him lose his cool

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So, what you’re telling me is that the police can keep their cool when they want to…


For God’s sake, she’s a woman!


“If her goal was to get a ticket, she succeeded.”

How many times have we seen videos of people of color pulled out of their vehicle and beaten for doing much, much less and most of the time for doing absolutely nothing but trying to exist? This world is…too much sometimes.


Fixed that for you.


To add to what @SoylentPlaid said, if this was a Black or Latinx woman, she’d be dead.


You will not trivialize sexual assault by playing it as a get out of texting card.


Texting drivers are worse than drunk drivers. If you can’t put down your goddamn phone when you drive, you have a serious problem and need immediate help.


Taking into account her being completely oblivious to the fact she might be shot if she wasn’t white, that’s a 9/10 on the Karen scale. She would have gotten 10/10 if she’d asked to speak to his supervisor.


“can i please finish my sentence… … …
… …


May as well say it out loud “I’m stalling I’m staaaaaaaaaaaling, please don’t interrupt, I’m trying to deeeeeeeelllllaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy the inevitable, I’m stalling”


She’s right about Ohio law regarding texting while driving being a secondary offense (for now). However, he’s right about Columbus making it a primary offense.

While my interactions with the police are few and far between (pulled over three times in 23 years of driving with only one of those resulting in a ticket), I’ve had the best luck by being understanding and keeping my cool. Oh, and driving the speed limit, wearing my seatbelt, and putting the phone tf down while driving.

At least she wasn’t a Libertarian. “Am I being detained!?” (No offense to any of my Libertarian friends out there, primary or secondary)

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White privilege, in action…


“As a woman, you made me feel unsafe.”

She can say this, and live.

She can assert this out loud as a right.

“I’m not trying to be an asshole.”

I’ve never felt respected with anything that followed that phrase.

She is indignant, not frightened.


I assumed you meant this as hyperbole (otherwise we would have to assume this guy has left a trail of bodies in his 20 years as a cop), but it made me curious what the numbers are for Black and Latinx women being killed by police in traffic stops. Didn’t find that, but did find an interesting related article.

For those of you short on time, a couple things stand out: Race and gender do influence rate of traffic stops and what happens. Women are pulled over less often than men, but the difference is declining each year. And on the subject of police force: it sucks to be a Black man (well duh!) with Latino being not far behind. Black women and White men are more similar to each other while Latina and White women are similar and relatively low (1/12 the rate of Black men).


“No, I’M a VICTIM!!!”

On the other hand, the CPD is out of control and blood thirsty. This is the police force that has been ignoring the city government when they call for reform, saying “We don’t think we need reform”. This is the police force that has been refusing to listen to courts and the city government. This is the city that pepper sprayed a sitting US Congresswoman; and this is the city who has assholes who back them on that.

If she would have had a BLM sticker on her car, she might have been dead. Probably just tazed or arrested on a meaningless charge that would soon be dropped, like her head on the pavement when they took her down for “resisting”.

If she was Black or Latina, she wouldn’t be acting this way, she would be begging for her life; and if she groveled enough, she might leave with it.

I honestly don’t know how many of the Blue Line flags flown around here are from psychopaths who are enjoying the police beating up the people they don’t like, or how many of them are just adjunct cowards who are afraid of the gang with the guns…


The woman in the video was fairly terrible, but then at the end, in a terrifying twist, it turned out the video was from The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson’s home for country club white supremacists! I guess they posted it because it was a video where the police officer was the good guy? Wonder if they posted any of the (many) recent videos of black people being abused/killed by the police? I will not go to their website to find out!


I stand corrected!

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PROOF! that conservatives and liberals agree on SOME things.

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