Problem cop in Polk County exposed by own bodycam

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“I’m gonna die.”
“I’m gonna die.”
“I’m gonna die.”
“I’m gonna die.”
“I’m gonna die.”
“I’m gonna die.”
“I’m gonna die.”
“I’m gonna die.”
-Any POC hearing “that’s why I’m nervous” from a cop. Obvious pretext for murder.


The worst thing is, I’m sure the cop doesn’t see anything wrong in what he did. He probably doesn’t think of himself as racist at all.

I’m sitting here feeling shaky with rage.


I pulled you over because after I pulled you over I smelled marijuana.

I pulled you over because after I pulled you over I thought your passenger might have a gun.

  1. It’s such a blatantly bullshit stop.
  2. This is America, where guns are super legal.
  3. Searching the car? Searching the trunk? With nothing remotely close to permission or probable cause? (Being black doesn’t actually constitute probable cause.)

OMG does this mean…


WTF is this “Don’t flex, don’t flex, I don’t know what you’re doing”

“You’re not under srrest…what’s the problem your heart is thumping”

Dude…you pulled him over, cuffed him and escorted him to your patrol car…AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS ARMED. His heart SHOULD be pounding…he is acting quite normally to the situation!

Christ what an asshole.


What utter BS on the part of these fucking pigs. For starters, there was no reason to pull them over to begin with. Everything else cascades down from there. The pig’s excuse for the imaginary gun is due in part to the illegal pull over. Illegal search of the car, BS imaginary marijuana smell and shake on the floor, the cop mentioning how fast and heavy the guy’s heart was beating, I mean , just what the fuck. This asshole needs to be off the force.


I despise cops like that and it makes me happy to live in CA. The driver was smart in being “real” with that pig.


“problem cop” aka “murderer in the making.”

There shouldn’t be any “problem cops”. 100% of cops should be great at their job.

We don’t have “problem surgeons” or “problem nuclear reactor inspectors” and only extremely rarely things like “problem ship captains” and “problem lumberjacks”.

It’s not okay that police departments put up with cops who even smell like they’re abusing their power. Much less ones who’ve been repeatedly called out for it and caught doing it.


I’m sure the cop doesn’t see anything wrong in what he did.
I agree 100%.

He probably doesn’t think of himself as racist at all.
JMHO, given his record, he may not care one way or the other about being labeled as a racist (as long as it doesn’t get him chastised or fired), and he may even be proud of being labeled as being a racist.

I’m sitting here feeling shaky with rage.
And you are not alone, my friend.


Put up with? Nah man, they defend them. They give them paid vacations for murder. Even when they do fire them they just get hired a town over.




Can the cop get in trouble for searching the car without consent?

Or has stuff already slipped way beyond that old fashioned magna carta type thinking…


Per the Des Moines Register:

In 2016, a report released by the ACLU/Human Rights Watch indicated that black Iowans were seven times more likely to be arrested for drug possession than white Iowans even though studies show that the two groups use illicit drugs at the same rate. That disparity was the second-worst in the nation.

Not to call it “conspiracy,” and not having dug into convictions and felonies, but as a starting point, this has very real consequences for the US political landscape, as it certainly means African Americans in Iowa are more likely than whites to lose their right to vote.


WOW, this is surreal. The kid’s mother, Laural Clinton, was quoted in a story a year ago about concerns that her kids are being profiled, and that story is about the police department’s own awareness and sensitivity training around racial bias.


SSDD, sadly.

This IS America.


for fucks sake, this type of policing makes me sick.

i don’t want to live in a place where poc have to fear the authorities, i don’t want such a place to even exist. smdh.

there is no way this guy should continue to work as a police officer, ever, anywhere. there needs to be laws against this sort of behavior and we need to start arresting officers that break such laws, period. zero tolerance and all that shit.


He probably has a civil case, and in a few years, if the US doesn’t completely slip into fascism, will get a moderate payout.


Personal journal time.

It was with pride, real pride in America and our idea that no man is above the law that I once passed a police car by about 5 miles an hour. I passed the police officer feeling superiour about America. The US had just invaded Iraq, and I heard reports that Iraqis’ would drive blocks out of their way to avoid the Baghdad police station. Getting too close to Iraqi police was dangerous–a cop could arrest you, make stuff up, and you would be imprisoned and perhaps tortured.

But not in America. We have cops with integrity. No police officer in the US would pull me over for driving the speed limit (35 mph) even if that meant I passed the officer who was driving at perhaps 5 mph under. Why? Because we have the rule of law. Because a police officer in the US is not going to feel insulted that I did not respect his authority. Rules are rules and we all play by them, even the police.

My pride in America and in our police has been crushed with the relentless reports, video clips, body cams and evidence that (many) police in America are corrupt, target Blacks, make up crimes, plant evidence, murder. I used to think “Why would the officer lie?” or “Of course the criminal would say that” It really hurts to wake to the idea that what Blacks have been saying all along: police are corrupt, police lie in reports, police are brutal, police target Blacks, police murder Blacks, is actually true. It hurts that I didn’t believe them, my fellow Americans.

It wasn’t until technology gave us small, ubiquitous video cameras that I began to believe people accused of crimes that what they were saying was true. I had believed the people in power and I didn’t believe the powerless.

And my pride or respect can’t even be that crushed. I have to have a lower limit because other Americans have so much more of a right to feel betrayed by our police than I do. Americans who have been persecuted by American police power, and who have been saying so for centuries, have so much more right to feeling hurt, damaged, pissed, betrayed. I only had ideals crushed, not my actual life. Not my actual community. Not my actual race. And these are Americans.


If you think that hurts, try being on the other end of the equation sometime.

Being Black in America and trying to talk to people of privilege about the systemic inequality and brutality that we face everyday is akin to being Cassandra of the Greek myths; we rail and desperately cry out warnings, but no one really believes us, or even wants to… until it’s too late.