White Florida cops appear to racially profile driver, then learn she's state attorney Aramis Ayala


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State Attorney General. I guess that means they now would be less likely of holding her race and gender against her.



Priceless, me likey.



I wonder what will happen to those guys.


clearly got her on a DWB.


Absolutely nothing.


This is a great example of why we should never elect members of the criminal class to office or allow them in law enforcement.


You can just see it on her face:


Love this little move she does when asking for their cards:


They will take the ADVANCED course on ways to justify racially-profiled stops. They were out that week, so.


That frequent clearing of his throat is white-cop-ese for “I am so screwed.”


“Yeah, also, your skin is really dark. I don’t have a tint measure, but that’s another reason for the stop. Wait, did I say ‘skin’? I meant windows. Windows. Your windows are really dark. Not skin at all. Hah hah. Slip of the tongue. Windows. I totally said windows.”


They knew who she was the second they ran the tags. They pulled her over anyway because they thought they were going to put the fear of God into her as retaliation for not seeking death penalties. They expected to make her dance to their tune and were surprised and got frightened when they realized she had the backbone to turn it around and stick it up their noses.


I’m afraid that Pam Bondi is still the Florida Attorney General.


They knew her name, I seriously doubt they knew her government position, though.


They learned…


That’s a dangerous game to play. Recent cases have shown that instead of talking to her they could’ve just shot her dead and claimed she made a sudden move, her car smelled of drugs or she had a certain similarity to a fugitive violent criminal (or all of the above).


Any more backwards and they’d have taken her in as civil forfeiture…


Or just pulled her over for DWB without the running tags. I know nothing about the system they are on but I will wildly speculate system logs would show if the device in police car made a database query and the results of that query