LAPD handcuffs black actress for kissing white boyfriend


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What is normal probable cause for prostitution?
In any case kissing somebody is way outside real probable cause, even if the violence was for not producing ID on request.


Whenever I see a story like this I think…“There has got to be more to this than what’s in here.”

Alas, I’m seldom right.

We have a long way to go…


Boyfriend not husband

The cop in the first picture perfectly exemplifies the face of all ‘I’m not racist but’ people the world over.

Also, what is the cop equivalent of mansplainin’? Copsplainin’?

“Look, why can’t you understand that we have to throw you in chains, it’s for the good of… well… GET IN THE BACK OF THE CAR!!!”


he does looks a bit perturbed about having driven that poor woman to tears. throw her in jail for emotionally assaulting a cop.


He looks like he’s counting off the reasons he couldn’t possibly be a douchebag.

“Well, for one; you’re black in public.”


Next series of protests: inter-racial couples exchanging kisses at the site of the incident.


Don’t prostitutes avoid kissing? Or is that a movie myth?


I wonder if during prostitution sting operations, the cops bust in after one kiss.

They forgot to say “Hispanic cop” … might as well write it all down.

… or was he just an average brown cop with an anglo-sounding name? Can we have a look at his genealogy chart? He looks like he had a Mexican grandma. An indigenous Mexican. Inquiring minds want to know.

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I admire people who have more courage than I do to stand up for their rights. But, if I decide to refuse to show I.D. I expect an immediate unpleasant experience.

Would a white/asian/hispanic/other woman of otherwise identical attire get the same reaction?

Some communities actually pressure their police departments to harass hos/johns. How is any poor cop going to satisfy that job expectation without insulting innocent people from time to time? Busybody prudes have a lot of influence in most communities.

Above all, I’m glad that I am able to make a living without having to be a cop.



Race, trans status, etc.

And activism against anti-sex-worker laws, as with Monica Jones’ case in Phoenix:


“Lock lips! Not wrists!”


Everyone! You missed the part where people have no choice but to subjugate themselves to the ridiculous and illegal requests of law enforcement, no questions asked! They have a hard job, and making them reflect on their assumptions while on duty just makes things harder for them. Only people who hate cops would want to make their jobs harder.


Does this profiling stand up in court or is this one of these embarrassing things which either go away for the privileged or is plea bargained for the proles without ever considering the civil rights aspects?
I suspect it often doesn’t even go that far and is more a harassment campaign with ‘legal’ no-charges-filed 24 hour holds and other leverage applied.


i believe new york city police were using multiple condoms in a woman’s purse as being grounds for suspicion of prostitution.


Just for informative purposes here: in 2004 in Hiibel vs. Sixth, the US Supreme Court ruled that you don’t have to produce identification cards but you do have to give your name. Where I read about it


What!!!?? It isn’t?

Well, now I have to stop looking in all those purses. Sheesh. Bad enough dealing with all those pissed-off women. Now I have to worry that they may NOT be sluts after all?

I can’t win…

i’m a white male in my 50s. i have routinely demanded a reason for providing identification any time i’ve been asked by an officer since i was in my 20s. i have sometimes refused to provide it if the reason seemed inadequate. at no point over the last 30 years have i ever been arrested, threatened with arrest, or cuffed as a result of my demanding a reason and/or refusal to provide i.d.

so my answer to your question would be “no. at least not in my case.”