Bully cop tickets black man for made-up law of not having ID while walking


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Glad this douche bag Police Officer never had to take an IQ test, he’d never score close to 90. He’s a real crime fighter…


Looks more and more like somebody must’ve dug up ol’ Jim Crow.




How do you know you’re ticketing the right person if they don’t have ID?

Asking for a friend*

*who is a cop


Good question but – for racists – “black” is all the ID that’s required in ‘knowing’ who they’re dealing with.


Roger That!


Uh, my name is Gunther…Malone and I live at, uh, 123 Fake Street.


Are we really getting to the “Papieren bitte!” stage now?


Good to know. So when there’s a bench warrant for the outstanding jaywalking ticket any black person will be able to serve the sentence.


Not to stereotype, but maybe police departments could try to screen out the peaked-in-high-school-and-now-desperate-to-have-control-over-someone-so-it-might-as-well-be-the-weakest-among-us-and-they-have-to-listen-to-me-because-I-have-a-badge types.


I think most of the people reading BoingBoing know that anti-Black racism exists (at least, I’d like to hope so). What would take posts like these from racism voyeurism to helpful activism is if the poster took the three minutes to search for and add the contact information of the police department so that people who watch the video can also do something with that cortisol.

Not specific to this poster - I’ve noticed it in general on BoingBoing.

For readers’ reference, contact info is below:


Well, if you’re black (or brown) in America, that’s been true for a while now.


Well. small miracle…he wasn’t gunned down.


There wouldn’t be enough cops if they did that. PDs are actually pretty selective. Nobody too smart (they might get “bored” read: ethical).


I tell my spouse often that I know why I never became a cop.

Every one of my tickets or citations would be against DBs driving BMWs and any fool who’s pants are hanging so low I can see their fruit of the looms. WOULD IT KILL YOU TO WEAR A DAMN BELT?!?


Details, details, details…



I thought that was who they wanted.


You would be fired within the week.



Well, I can see the conundrum, but at the same time, there is no law that you have to have ID on you all the time. That’s fucking retarded. I remember playing Spy as a kid and the evil Russian and Germans would catch you, insisting you had to have your papers in order!

I think at that point, I would be like, fuck it, I don’t want to fill out the paper work.

Seriously, Jaywalking, which I understand can be dangerous at times, shouldn’t be a high priority in your list of things to enforce.