Watch a bunch of cops beat a black kid for jaywalking

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#Christ, what an asshole


##“Punk-ass Mother Fuckers!”


The whole concept of the crime of jaywalking is completely alien to me, some weird US thing and hopefully never part of my life. And I’m not alone with this sentiment, only 4 (four!) interwiki links on Wikipedia : )


There was really nothing better for that cop to be doing?
And can he not see how his actions will look?
(clearly, he doesn’t care. at all)
I really, really wish the beginning of the interaction was on video too- I strongly suspect that the cop barked some order at the kid. Having spent the last decade or so working with kids of this age, I can tell you with 100% certainty that’s the wrong way to start the interaction. A 16yo male will almost always respond defensively- you only get away with barking orders (rarely) when there’s a trusted relationship between the parties. You’d think they’d have some degree of training that would teach them this sort of thing.
(clearly, he either hasn’t had the training or doesn’t care. I’ll further assume that his response to being told to take a different tack with the kid would be that he “doesn’t have time for that” because reasons)
fuck this guy.


Is jaywalking normally an arrestable offense?


Right now, there is a clear issue around what the role of law enforcement is meant to be and what people like this think it is.

Law enforcement is there to DE-escalate situations. Bring order to a chaotic scene. And ensure the safety of the general public. People like the one in this video seem to be under the impression they are there to dispense justice as they deem fit. NO.

When working properly within a community, Law Enforcement help to maintain order and prevent bad situations from arising. Lately it seems all they do is CAUSE bad situations.

The kid in this case is as large and grown as the officers themselves physically…but the person recording it is correct in that he is a child. He is mentally not grown. He could make foolish choices like non cooperation. He can also react poorly to poor behavior. An adult might recognize that the officer is hostile and know to de-escalate the situation on their own. A child doesn’t have the skill set to do so, nor the ability to even recognize this.

End of day…the Cop is supposed to be the responsible adult here. Clearly he isn’t.


Because obviously this kid is the most dangerous person in the entire city of Stockton and it was totally necessary for the entirety of the on-duty officers from across the city to subdue the kid for his heinous disregard for his own safety. Right?


Trespass! Did the public sidewalk ask him to leave?


Imagine if he had a clock.


FUCK THE STOCKTON POLICE. How do I know this? I grew up there, unfortunately.



Seriously, fuck that guy and that whole department and all the thugs and assholes infesting that town. They are in tatters to begin with because of the recent city bankruptcy, and I wish someone would get wise and sue them for hundreds of millions more and thereby cause them to clear the decks. Stockton is morally bankrupt. I hate having to go back there. Love my family, but hate that shithole town.


What exactly warrants even two officers to deal with someone who’s clearly unarmed? Oh wait, the kid’s black, nvm, he’s a frelling superpowered terrorist that could level the city like Will Smith in Hancock. /s


I am by all means against police brutality and we definitely have a problem currently, but there is definitely more going on here.

If it was a simple jaywalking stop, why would there be so many officers present?

The media is looking for drama even if it means painting a small piece of the picture to do it.

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Media? This was a bystander recording something that happened because it was unfair to the poor kid taking a beat-down by the thug police. You are off-base.


make that “nutless” asshole, too.


It’s only an offence, well, over there, isn’t it :wink: Back in Perfidious Albion, the pedestrian always has right of way (except on the motorways, where you’re not allowed to be one, obviously,but still).


From the article, “Police said the officers acted within policy but that there would be an additional investigation…”

If this is “within policy” we’re fcuked.


I, for one, feel ever so much safer now. Thank you jackbooted thugs! When exactly will our Death Star be fully operational?