Bad idea: driver won't sign $80 citation, drives away from cop

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I think this shows us that not only are white people less likely to get shot by the cops, even while willfully breaking the law, but that they KNOW they can do it, and get away with it with their lives.



Tomorrow on Fox News…Have police gone too far?


Did she ask to talk to his manager?


Many people think that signing the ticket is an admission of guilt. The officer should have explained that signing is simply confirming they will appear in court on the date specified. Insert standard comments about LEOs unnecessarily escalating minor traffic infractions. Compare to this:


"Yes, I tried to kick you because WHITE I’m a country girl."



The difference here is that the cop actually has the authority.


“It gives me no joy to post this, but I think it offers an interesting look at an interaction between two people who assume they have authority over each other.”

What assumption? The cop has authority over her/me/anyone they chose to pull over, that’s the deal.

Also, please don’t gloss over the point that he states, quite clearly at the beginning, that she got a warning for the same broken taillight six months earlier, and she elected to not get it fixed. $80 ticket time, which (much like her taillight) she chose to ignore.


On the other hand this is the kind of citation that she’ll never fight in court, so that ticket is basically an $80+fees bill to her. The fees can really drive the price up too. Probably closer to $250 when all is said and done if she chooses to simply pay the bill and not fight it. The fees go up if you fight it.

All of this for a $2 tail light that takes maybe 5 minutes to change and you can totally do yourself even if you’re not a car person at all. Any time in the last 6 months.


I suspect that she didn’t plan to show up in court either…


“White Supremacy: The Motion Picture”


wow. that video…wow.
2 questions:

  1. How in the world can anyone talk to a cop like this? I am not fan of the fuzz but I would never even consider being anything like this…and…
  2. Why can’t all cops act like this? He knows reacting isn’t going to help…just calmly does his job. Avoids escalating the situation.

ETA: i am referring to this video:


There’s some more right there.

Heh. 3:20 in. This is how I respond to my kids when I ask them to pick up after themselves. Let them vent, and calmly explain the rules.


I think it takes a special kind of human NOT to react. I know I would never be a good cop because if my own kids start raising their voice, I find my voice rising to meet them and pretty soon people are yelling and crying (sometimes not just me!) and these are people I love more than life itself.

You get some moron on a sovereign citizen kick and I’d probably be whipping out the taser just to shut them up!


I’ve always thought that trooper in the video should be appointed the training officer for all law enforcement in the country. 95% of cops getting screamed at like that would have ended up tasering/arresting/beating the hell out of that goofball. But that dude just does his job, doesn’t raise his voice, remains in control of the situation the entire time by not matching hysterics with hysterics, and at the end of it looks like a damn boss. The state saves hundreds of thousands of dollars not having to charge & try & imprison another felon, and that goofball gets to go back to his life and hopefully get his shit together.


I think you have a skewed impression of the average police officer. The behavior in this video is the norm, it’s what the training emphasizes. BB gets a lot of bad cop videos, but those cases make the news because they are out of the ordinary. It’s like those stranger danger videos that made it seem like kidnappers were on every street corner, but in reality the chance that your kid running free outside is going to be kidnapped is very close to zero unless you’re currently in the middle of a custody dispute.


agreed…one of the many reasons i am not a cop. we need more cops like that.


They make the news, because someone filmed them and then shared them online, and they went viral, and people made noise about it, precisely to bring them to the attention of the public. Police violence against people of color and the working classes are far more common than people realize.


I think it’s more like “Simple Stupidity, the Musical”.

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I concede that my 95% figure is arbitrary, but we’ll have to agree to disagree about whether this trooper’s reaction is typical or atypical of how most officers would react to an abusive/hysterical person like this (racial aspects aside).