Bad idea: driver won't sign $80 citation, drives away from cop

Having worked dispatch for parole division for the sheriff’s department for 9 months, it opened my eyes (and ears) to what people don’t experience from law enforcement out in the field.
There’s a great need for some adjustment in perception by law enforcement in general.


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It’s 2019 and we have become so woke that we’ve wrapped around into a bizarro-progressive analysis where white people are fucked up for refusing to obey the police.


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So she was right to drive off, despite having probably actually breaking the law (if she objected, she most certainly could have taken this shit to court, as is her right), because racism in modern policing isn’t really a problem? If this had been a black woman, she’d be dead, or at the very least had a much worse outcome than this lady. We all know it. If you can’t see it, then I don’t know what to tell you, other than maybe open your eyes to the white supremacy that is right the fuck in front of you.

You might be unaware, but the vast majority of black motorist who are pulled over and get shot ARE IN FULL COMPLIANCE WITH THE OFFICER WHO PULLED THEM OVER AND WROTE THEM A TICKET. This woman literally drives off because she believes she is above the law. Many white people believe that they are above the law. I have no problem complying with the law when it’s just and applied fairly. We should NOT comply when it’s not, no matter our race. Blind rejection of legal processes is no better than blind compliance.


Is it your opinion that the lady acted appropriately here?

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She was pulled over for a technicality with her vehicle, given no warning to correct it, and she ended up being ripped out of her truck, thrown to the ground, tased, handcuffed, and arrested for a possible felony.

You’re saying that because she wasn’t also executed, it shows white privilege?

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“Well officer I ordered the tail light online, see here is my receipt. Ordered it the day after my last warning. Says it will arrive tomorrow”


The cop doesn’t have to give a warning. Perhaps he usually does, and when he got a face full of attitude from the old country girl, he decided not to do so. Again, she could have fought it in court, as is her constitutional right.

And she PULLED OFF without signing the ticket, which acknowledges, not her guilt, but the fact that she has a right to contest the chargers against her and will show up to do so. She is not above the law, and she’s acting as if she is. If this had been a black motorist, they would likely have been shot and instead we’d be hearing from the usually suspects that this is just “one bad apple” cop, and that the black motorist deserved it, because they did exactly what this white lady here did.


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She was warned six months prior to get it fixed. She refused to sign which is her right I guess. Then she would be brought to a judge (arrested) to work it out. But instead she drove off. Refuses to get out of the car. Kick an officer. If she was of color she’s be dead. So yeah, white privilege for sure.


I think the argument would be made that while bad police stops/encounters happen more frequently than people realize, it is still a far smaller percentage of the total as a whole and I would agree is skewed because we see the bad encounters far more often than good encounters. Let’s be honest regardless of any of the specifics, a police encounter is by and large bad. Police don’t pull you over to say “howdy”.

I would also argue that if there was a spectrum to measure against “good vs bad”…this guy being considered a “good” LEO based on this one example (He could be a complete asshole for all we know in every other stop he’s had)…then more LEOs probably are closer to this guy on the spectrum than to the “bad” ones we see in so many recordings these days.

I think body cams and personal recordings of these encounters helps tremendously. They serve as great training examples to other LEOs “See act like this when faced with someone who is being belligerent” to showcasing how unfit some others are for being in uniform and should be evidence to relieve them of duty permanently.

And maybe we will get there one day, I hope so. We do need LEOs. And when we as citizens need them and they do help, we are really happy they were there. Fingers crossed we find better ways to get rid of the bad ones or prevent them from being on the streets to begin with.


I’d say yes. Because we’ve seen time and time again if she were a young black man and acted the same way…she’d be dead.


It didn’t sound like she had a warning. It sounded like she admitted to the officer that the taillight was broken for six months. Then she asked for a first warning.

She thought she would get points for honesty, and then got mad when she didn’t get her cookie.


Better than them being buried, which is what they frequently were until more recently.

I myself have had at least 1 bad police encounter. The cop was a total jackass, for no reason. I did not drive off, but accepted the ticket and was polite in return. If I had been black, it could have been much worse of course.

I don’t know if he is or not. All we have is this one example to go by. Maybe he’s generally a dick, but this woman reminded him of his mom? We don’t know. We do know that people of color get pulled over more, and often on flimsier pretexts. of course not all of those go bad, but enough do that this should be a topic of national conversation about policing and the culture of policing.


She had received a warning 6 months earlier.

Also, she could have signed the ticket and fought it in court.

After running from the cops

After trying to kick him

After actually kicking him

As one is after one commits a felony assault on a police officer

Felony assault on am officer, misdemeanor resisting an officer:

White privilege is that he was in full on Andy Griffith mode the whole time. He didn’t say or do anything inappropriate the entire time. He didn’t hassle her away all. Meanwhile, cops hassle people of color for nothing all the time, even (especially?) when there is nothing arrestable. And even when there is, do you think they don’t use excessive force when dealing with “the other”? Do you think they don’t throw their weight around more than a little bit, knowing they could do whatever they want short of killing them and walk away clean?


Of course he doesn’t have to give a warning. But technicalities are a way for police to harass minorities. They pull the vehicle over for something small and use it as a gateway to an escalation. Here is an example of a white woman (an obnoxious one in this case) not getting a warning, or a re-warning, and then getting into a major physical altercation because of her failure to follow orders.

Believe me, we don’t want to hold this up as an example of white privilege. There are better examples out there.

There are plenty of videos floating around where a white driver flat out ignores police orders by refusing to sign things, refusing to be detained, etc., and the officers end up rolling their eyes and driving away.

Go read @DonatellaNobody’s response to you, which goes over your concerns in detail. I’ll reiterate - she drove off while he still had her pulled over and after she refused to sign the ticket, which is no admission of guilt. Nor did the cop act in any way threatening towards her. This is not a case of police harassment, not by the video at least.

I disagree. Thinking you can drive off without excepting a ticket being given to you and knowing you’ll be alive at the end of the encounter is one of the best examples of white privilege I can think of.