Michigan cop charges black graduate student with felony for driving to a well-lit area


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What do you mean well-lit?!? That area was obviously too dark for the officer to get a good shot off.


The cop said, “Turn around” twice. Surprised this kid is still alive.


It’s not clear from the BB post what he’s actually charged with. From another article: “The Saginaw County prosecutor’s office disagrees, however. Wallace faces one felony count of fleeing and eluding.”


know a girl who’s been rapped by a large man, who gets crazy nervous around big muscular or heavy guys that are addressing her forcefully. i do. guess what i told them. if there is a lit parking lot nearby, preferably with people present, signal intent to pull over, drive there slowly, explain that you did so for both your and their safety, and that you were told to do so by others.

US citizens are not given instruction in school as to how to deal with being bullied by what are generally large muscular men with guns once they become adults. minimizing opportunities for conflict, by either party, is a wise decision.

if the charges he faces are in any way related to his choice not to pull over immediately, they should be dropped. no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Please, please, please link to things you write about so we can read more.


1.5 miles? I can see why the cop would be wondering wtf.
But a felony? Is this something a judge can just throw out?


The charge is absurd - eluding and evading what exactly? It’s like charging someone with resisting arrest with no actual other charge - sorta indicates the arrest was bs in the first place. He clearly wasn’t trying to go anywhere or do anything illegal, and only travelled about 3 minutes before pulling over.

I hope this guy has a good public defender who can win this for him. And then I hope he gets a good civil attorney and sues them for wrongful prosecution; continuing to press charges and offering a bs plea deal is abuse of office.


What is the universal signal for “I intend to pull over but I’m just looking for a good spot”? That’s the problem…I don’t think there is. Maybe there should be something everyone knows about.

How to signal intent to police pulling you over

I similarly drove a fair distance looked for a safe place to pull over. It turns out that consideration of safety mainly just makes cops suspect you were stalling for time to hide all the drugs and booze. Fortunately for me the guy was a lot more professional than this vindictive clown.


It’s called a turn signal.


“Saginaw Valley State University DaJuawn Wallace”

Is that his given name or did he adopt it later?


Or even hazard lights, to suggest “I’m not moving away from you just to move away from you - this is a safety issue.”


Fixed it for you.


Others have recommended hazard lights etc but I don’t think it really matters - it’s all about the time, the kind of vehicle being pulled over, the race of the driver, the prejudice of the cop, etc. If this had been a white woman at 2 in the afternoon driving a Honda Odyssey, I’m pretty sure no handcuffs would have been used.


Heard of this a few times before.

Here’s a case where the police in question specifically advised people to drive to a well lit area, then arrested the person that did.


Not everyone is awake during the day and asleep at night. There are night shift workers. There are people being scheduled for different shifts on different days. Some people’s wake and sleep periods even change from one day to the next, because that’s just how their circadian rhythms work. Being out at night doesn’t make you inherently suspect.

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I had a co-worker do that – white, probably about the same age as the woman in the article. She said that he was screaming at her and that it took officer hot pants a while to cool down, but he did finally proceed in a “professional” manner.


I’d accept that as long as the police did.


As a white woman, I can report that it wasn’t a problem at 2 in the morning either. Of course, I was being pulled over for a burned out brake light, not being black in America.