How to signal intent to police pulling you over

Continuing the discussion from Michigan cop charges black graduate student with felony for driving to a well-lit area:

a turn signal shows intent, hazard lights might be confusing, but if the driver slows down the intent to stop becomes pretty clear, a right turn hand signal out the window makes it clear that the driver is aware of the following cars presence… that the driver of the vehicle being stopped didn’t ‘just accidentally hit the signal lever’.

but as long as the driver signals intent to turn to the right (in the US), slows down, and stops at the first well lit location or pullout, no charges should be pressed.

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FYI, people do occasionally get arrested for impersonating officers and robbing people or intimidating them to pay for ‘tickets’ up front. just cause a car behind has flashing lights does not mean they are cops.

one shouldn’t be paranoid, but it’s important to always be aware or reality, and take precautions to remain safe in this world.

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