Watch cops mock a driver they pulled over after the cops ran a red light


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Déjà vu:


We saw and debated his already. TIME WARP DANCE TIME.


Also I really don’t want to go over the long debate again how sitting in the middle of the intersection to turn left while legal is simply dangerous and generally not worth the risk.


Well, Andrea wants you to.
Sometimes, you’re no fun.



Wait. So the officer is lecturing him about not knowing how to drive, then tells him to keep his finger in his pocket? Not sure that’s proper driving technique… I think I’d actually have a difficult time driving with one hand in my pocket.


Maybe where you live pulling into the intersection isn’t worth it. Unless there’s a turning advance, there are a lot of intersections where I live where a left turn during a green is impossible at some times of day without pulling into the intersection. There’s enough traffic that you’ll never get a break during a green.


I personally do not think the risk of having someone slam into my car and killing myself or one of my family members is ever worth a left turn. Most left turns that have that kind of traffic congestion have timed lights to allow left turns to flow freely in turn. For those that do not (and where I live we have some too), I just avoid them and turn elsewhere. Yes it may be a couple minutes out of my way to avoid that particular left turn…but in my opinion: WORTH IT GOD DAMMIT. I’d rather be inconvenienced by a few minutes and have my car and people I care about all in one piece.

And this is what I said in the other thread about this and am n0ow having to say it again. If you or anyone else wants to continually put yourself in a dangerous situation while behind the wheel…go for it. I really don’t care.


Lemme guess… the guy was white, otherwise he’s be dead now. Asshole cops.


Maybe driving is fundamentally different where you are. Here we are taught when learning to drive that while the light is green you pull into the intersection with your wheels still aligned forward and when you have the chance, you turn. This is how left turns are done here. Being in intersections is always the most dangerous part of driving no matter where you are.

If you wanted to avoid this kind of left turn here, it might not be two minutes out of your way. You could be sitting in traffic trying to make consecutive right turns through crowds of pedestrians for a half hour.


"Why are you shaking?"

“Because you could get away with shooting me at any moment.”



I like how they also get annoyed that when he updated his address with the DMV it didn’t magically update on the physical license. If they’d run his DL it would have listed his current address. It’s like that in pretty much every state, it’s obvious they’re just fucking with him at that point.


Strange that an entire discussion over something innocuous is flagged. I mean, the topic was hashed out extensively in a previous thread, so for goodness sake why not talk about something else.




I’ve never seen so many flagged posts in one thread.


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