Bodycam records racist tirade against LA County sheriff making a traffic stop

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That’s some bold shit to throw at a Hispanic man in the heart of Aztlán.


Karens gonna Karen, I guess.

She was doing her level best to provoke an angry response.

Her face and identifying information are blurred in the video. Here’s hoping she posts her side to social media so she can enjoy her fifteen minutes of fame.


she was just operating under the assumption that since she was white, nothing was going to escalate.




In the department on non-ironic irony, did she have a thin blue line flag bumper sticker.


Am I the only one reading the woman in the car as POC, who felt she was being harassed by another POC on behalf of the police and their mission of “law and order”? The “you will never be white” comment reads to me that no matter what he does, or how much he tries to be part of the system, he will never be “white” in the eyes of the systemically racist system - with the unspoken insinuation - “So why are you helping them?”

That of course doesn’t excuse her actions, nor her racist language. But it does change the understanding of what is going on here.

YMMV. I may be completely wrong.


I didn’t see any bumper stickers.

Screenshot_2021-05-04 Bodycam records racist tirade against LA County sheriff making a traffic stop Boing Boing

Not sure if her reaction is so defensive because she wants the cops to let her go since she knows she’s driving without a license… regardless, what big piece of shit that woman is… lord!


Wow, racism directed at a law enforcement officer! How refreshing! … sigh …Or not.

I was wondering that - it’s very hard to tell, but it seems like she might be. I wonder if she presumed she was being pulled over for racist reasons, got angry and defensive and then was thrown off when the cop wasn’t white… and responded with a whole lot of racism. If so, her “why are you helping them?” response got derailed by focusing on Trumpian racist rhetoric.

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And if she does not post “her side” online, I am going to start thinking this was staged.

Cop had his own personal bodycam?

Sorry if I sound jaded.

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I’m not surprised at all. We’ve seen (white) people calming random POCs are actively eating their children, only getting some kind of justice when that is captured on camera. If I were a Police Of Colour, not issued a body camera, I would if I could, provide my own for my own safety in case of a he-said/she-said situation where the colour of my skin skews the discourse.

That’s quite alright. Frankly I find anyone not jaded to be suspect in their motives.


Nope, I’m with you. The “you are going to murder me” doesn’t strike sort of thing white folks say.


She starts this chopped up video calling him “Mexican racist” and she’s got pretty dark hands for a Karen, so this was my immediate impression. She doesn’t come off well, but I don’t think this is what people are saying it is.

The problem is that the local news basically made this video completely useless the way they chopped it up and censored it and commentated over it. This version contains negative information.


Yes. The local news is littered with copoganda. Feel good stories about cops playing basket ball with some kids, or doing a charity event, or youth outreach. Not that some of those programs don’t have a place in society, and honestly, some of them can do some good. But it is doing the heavy lifting of providing free propaganda to cops to try to offset all of the constant bad news they seem to generate.

Oh, and notice how when it is officer misconduct, people have to file papers to see the footage get released.

When it is an officer at the end of the misconduct, it is released openly.


Here you go.


I saw that.
Maybe she went off bc she didn’t have her license.
Or she thought she was fixing to die.
Regardless, I think that even fussy and obnoxious reactions from POC during interactions with the police in the USA should be filed under ‘understandable considering the context’.

Also, observing that the driver is Black or Brown, it’s awfully telling that in the dispute over racism in the US, all the well meaning white people are so invested in the plight of the light skinned Latino man and in a goddamned hurry to vilify the driver for reminding him that he’s working as a tool of white supremacy.

Fuck the news for trying to blur that context so that their darling cheeze looks like he was the disadvantaged person in that power dynamic.

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The release of this video a gross violation of public trust by the officer/department. The police naturally see people at their worst and most vulnerable, and if we’re going to give them a monopoly on legal violence, it should come with some duty of confidentiality on their part.

I like the idea of police licensing that people have been floating lately. A physician who released a humiliating video of a patient having a psychotic break would lose their license. A lawyer who made embarrassing information about a client public would be disbarred. Hell, if a waxing salon owner (a licensed esthetician) posted pictures of someone’s hairy thigh, there would likely be repercussions from the state licensing board. Why not the same professional standards for cops?

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Bluntly, I don’t care why she was being a racist asshole. As you say, there’s no excuse.

Also, he should’ve cited her for driving without a license.


I don’t think she’s white. But from the look of the Mercedes, she has money.