60 Fredric Brown science fiction stories for $2

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I wonder what Fredric would think of sixty of his stories being sold digitally for $2.00us.

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There are lots of these Megapacks available for other authors, along with various anthologies.

But isn’t he best known for novels, “What Mad Universe” and “Martians Go Home”?

The latter had a famous cover, maybe just the paperback, and someone here uses it as their picture.

Indeed he is, but the stories are good too. MGH was made into a fairly amusing movie in the early 90s (I think) that is not great but i do recommend it. There at least two cuts of it out there, one featuring (what I remember as) a funny attempt to break in somewhere and one missing it entirely.

Easter egg alert for the end of the credits!

I think “digitally” would capture his attention more than the money part.

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One of the great, fun SciFi authors. I seem to remember one of them in the anthology I had about the stars moving faster than they should. Don’t want to give away the punchline, but it was wonderful. I have to wonder why more of his son’t make it into anthology TV shows like Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. They did such a terrible job of Martians Go Home, though, so maybe there’s something people just don’t get.

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