60-pack Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks for $14


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Lifetime supply? You haven’t met my kids.


Man, the things I could glue with these…to other things.

Just grab a handful, smear, slap down the plexiglass sheet and bam! those sliding doors at walmart aren’t real anymore!


I buy one glue stick at a time and they usually dry out before I use them again. At this point I consider them one-time use only


Glue Huffers wet dream.


after 22 years in the teaching business i won’t use glue sticks. sure, for one-time use short term stickage they work okay but to glue things into a science journal in such a way as to still have them in the journal at the end of the year you need liquid glue.


Craft time at the library! Just make sure the glue stays away from the books.


Ah glue sticks…

Anyone else have the small craze when you were still at school to take the lid off these then throw them up ?
Could come back down from the ceiling at any point from a few minutes to a few hours later :wink:


60?? That would feed a 7-year-old me all year.


I always liked rubber cement. It always held and it spread easily. But it’s not very portable, and it’s super messy and too smelly for the younger crowd.


I also use them to make special Magic cards. Anyone wanting to buy a set of Moxen, Black Lotus, Time Warp or Timetwister should contact me privately. I have almost any Alpha or Beta card available on short notice.

(My cards do not arrive pre-sleeved, and should be stored in a warm dry area for at least 24 hours after receipt)



What younger crowd do you hang out with.

That was a benefit to using Rubber Cement.


Spray-on rubber cement burns in a really cool way.


Well, that bottle can get poured out easily and I once had 14-year-old bully in a frosh English class who’d empty ketchup packets into another kid’s backpack (he also superglued the zipper). So maybe post-high school? :wink:

Other teachers’ MMV.


And it discolors things in the long run. All my work from my freshman year of college was ruined by rubber cementing it to foam core… and the files are all on Zip Discs. (Not that it was particularly good work or anything, but, for all the tens of thousands of dollars of debt, I like to have a record of all my projects.)


Great for teachers. Especially schools that have people pool resources.


That’s like 3 horses worth!


I’m not sure that school kids keep much for the long run. All you want is for their stuff to adhere in a notebook for one to two semesters. However, I used it years ago for clips (paper to paper), and I haven’t noticed discoloration. Perhaps it’s the foam? Foam seriously discolors over time.


You can do much better magic tricks with rubber cement than glue sticks. Bonus points for fitting the pen with a squeeze bulb and fake blood.