A crayon highlighter that'll never run dry

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I like my pencil highlighters – been using them for several years now.

Given the rate at which I use them, they should last me a lifetime.

Edit: you will need a sharpener with a fat hole…
Double Hole Fish Pencil Sharpener - Boing Boing


I have yet to be disappointed with Staedtler. As an illustrator my go-to equipment is Mars Lumograph pencils, Mars plastic eraser and Staedtler pigment liners.

*I am not paid or sponsored by Staedtler.

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I love Staedtler, and I heartily and have repeatedly sworn by their Norica brand of pencils on this very forum. That said, I’ve tried gel highlighters before and unless the whole “never dry out” thing is actually not true, then I want nothing to do with them. My first encounter with such highlighters was a job where I was required to use one basically every thirty seconds, and everyone in the office hated these. Why? They don’t dry, so they rub off everywhere, and they smudge pen pretty badly. God forbid you should get any on your clothes (though that really goes for any highlighter) but your chances of getting highlighter rubbed on your sleeve with these is much higher. I might be remembering this wrong, but I think it also smudged toner pretty badly, but I don’t trust that memory for some reason. If you do leave them uncapped, they will attract every bit of fluff and fuzz and cat hair quite unattractively. That being said, as with all office supplies, YMMV.

I once was very much religious, and these were the dog’s bollocks on onion skin. I still have my set from the MTC. :slight_smile:


Methinks the ultimate in highlighter technology would be one that can be safely and completely removed from textbook paper (since apparently we will never be free from those who cannot be discouraged from using highlighters there in the first place).

Interesting. I got a set of Stabilo Boss highlighters in 7th grade. Just threw out the last one a few months ago. Made its way through Jr. High, High School, Undergrad and Masters and then some. And I use my highlighters! Granted, I’ve had others in the mix over the years, but these ones just kept going and going and I love the way the shape feels in your hand. I can’t believe I just admitted to owning a highlighter for 19 years! Anyway, it’s this one http://www.amazon.com/Stabilo-Boss-Wallet-Of-4/dp/B0007OEDYS/ref=pd_sim_229_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0C8JEWW74X08JYAHKRTD

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Ooh cool! I love the idea of a non-plastic school tool.

This MTC?

Looks like the right place. There are a handful of them now. Mine was the original in Provo.

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I was there in 1980. What a long, strange trip it’s been. :smile:

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