Dry highlighters are my favorite way to highlight text on paper

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So… Crayons?

and these are the best scented markers.


i thought you meant a different kind of dry highlighter. i was going to say “dry highlighters are my favorite thing to throw across the room towards the trash can in anger.” heh.


Mostly, these days, I use highlighters when reviewing contracts

Was this an attempt to connect w/ the everyday Jane/Joe out there? Hey ya’ll, it’s contract reviewing time!

I love these too, on the increasingly rare occasions I’m not marking up docs with electronic ink. Be warned that if you press too hard with gel highlighters, they put down a thick layer that can stick pages together in books.

Sorry, but these are the bomb. Never going back to markers or anything else.

While I haven’t heard of these before, If it means saving textbooks (and library books, for that matter) then I would heartily support their adoption to the exclusion of all else.

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