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Instead of highlighting, I just black out everything not important.

I had a hard time selling back textbooks in college…


I just cut out all the important bits. That’s why my copy of Atlas Shrugged is still completely intact. Naw, I kid…I wouldn’t be caught dead with that goddamn thing.


I had no idea this was a problem.

Do you work for the CIA?


Big whoop… so do Sharpies now. They’ve been running TV ads for them in the states for months. You can buy them at your local Staples, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot or on Amazon, etc… no need to import from JP:

For me, the most valuable feature in a highlighter is a window that shows you how much ink is left. It seems that I frequently attempt to use highlighters whose ink has gone dry.

If I’m not just underlining, I start at the end of the sentence and highlight from right to left.

What if you’re left-handed?

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Muji’s variation on the same theme is a little bit more aesthetic, IMO.

What’s with the link in the OP?

Now they only need to add a light.

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But I can’t read Japanese!

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