When it comes to Sharpies bigger is better


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King Size black Sharpie is also really good for obscuring the various exterior barcodes on shipping boxes you may want to reuse.







You may wipe these walls to clean my pen,
But the shithouse poet has struck again!!


why carry a marker when you have nature’s marker brewing inside you?




I thought I was alone on obscuring barcodes and reusing the box!


I’m not convinced. Asian women tend to be on the petite-ish side.


Oopha, the fumes coming off that thing


I assume you mean the Sharpie.



I use my magnum.


Do ya feel lucky, punk? Do ya?


When it comes to Sharpies bigger is better

It’s all about that thicc girth


I’d love to meet up with the ad-person who thought up that name and just stare at them in wonder.


King Size Sharpies are great.

But what I really, really love are Montana refillable markers:


They’ll take acrylic paint (watered to flow nicely), ink, dye – anything liquid that will flow through the heavy felt tip.

And that felt tip? It’s replaceable!

I particularly like the 2mm model:

Mind you, the Montana is much wetter than a Sharpie – more of a paint stick than a marker. (You push down on the felt tip to transfer a small measure of fluid from the main chamber to the tip chamber.)

Here is one of my Montana drawings:


When it comes to Sharpies, Milwaukee Inkzalls are better.


McKee Zebra markers are my go to. Unlike Sharpies the color doesn’t fade over time.


I get a lot of use out of the Montana paint markers that I have. I mostly use them for miniature terrain but I’ve found they are useful for labeling plastic storage bins.