Good price on 100 nitrile gloves

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Nice job on the vase! looks cool.


If you (or someone else) truly needs the marks to be permanent I would recommend not using a standard Sharpie, I’d recommend using the oil based ones. Perhaps there are other types or brands that are less affected by heat but i don’t really know what’s best. I found out that the classic sharpie does not hold up well under heat and can lift off, and i have actually had something that was signed get ruined when it was shipped to me but thankfully it was not something super important (it was a signed art card for a figure i had ordered).


On a tangent, now you have me thinking of all the fun to be had with thermochromic pigments and a plain vase like that. It would be very cool to get 2 or more transitions out of different layers of decoration using pigments with different thresholds.

I’m using Sharpie Extreme fade resistant pens, but I don’t know if they are any better than regular sharpies


@markfrauenfelder forget the gloves, how much for the vase?


true. About a decade ago I had my bottle of Crystal Skull vodka autographed by Dan Aykroyd with a Sharpie and now the signature is basically a faded orange memory


I have one too! I need to check to see if mine is still there, i have it stashed away in its box so i’m hoping its fine

Edit: Mine is holding up. Was yours out by a window or just displayed in a room? Pondering what could’ve affected it and my hunch was exposure to light. But i definitely need to consider an alternate type of marker for future signatures, hoping the “Extreme Fade Resistant” ones Mark posted might work or if oil based ones or something else works better for longevity.


You are right. It was out on a shelf in a nice bright room for most of its life. I wasn’t in the habit of looking at it, so I didn’t notice the fading until fairly recently. I put it back in its box when I saw the problem, and I don’t think it has gotten any worse since then.


This article was just posted today. Guess what? Just went to the Amazon site where the gloves are offered. “Currently Unavailable”, and they don’t know when more will be available.

Would coating with a UV resistant varnish help?

Sadly, the Ammex nitrile gloves sell out almost as quickly as Amazon can restock them.

Maybe but depending on what the item is someone might not want to apply a coating on it, and i don’t know how the sharpie reacts to it. It might bleed into it but i’m not sure. Personally i wouldn’t be keen to spray a coating onto most things i have that are signed

I regret the impact on the environment every time I use a pair of disposable nitriles. I found packs of semi-disposable gloves at Costco (Canada) that do not cost much and can be easily re-used. I mostly lose them before their functionality declines. Their backing is meshy, so they are not quite the same as latex style nitriles. They work well for heavier duty jobs that don’t require immersion in solvents, such as greasy car mechanics & gardening. You could wear nitriles underneath them too.

I bought them in-store (Mike Holmes branded?) but don’t see them online. They are mixed packs of red & black but otherwise look something like these (which look like they’d last even longer):

That style of glove is much nicer in more rugged applications but for fine motor work i’m assuming nitrile gloves would be preferred. Though i would be keen to minimize waste as well, it should be doable to do a marker drawing on ceramic or glass without the need for gloves just depends on the person being ok with the occasional smudge.

I might start selling these. When I do, I will post about it. Thanks for for your interest!


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