Giant Sharpie pen

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I bought one of these for work. I made experimental light measuring and mixing apparatus for vision and colorimetry experiments. A lot of these were made using bits of found wood, and made black with one of these beasts. Black spray paint is okay, but have to use it outdoors and in still air. This could do the same job much faster.


That’s a pretty cheap way to get high.

I’m guessing that like many new technologies, giant sharpie pens were originally designed for the military. For optical calibration targets.


“And, he referred to my hands — ‘if they’re small, something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”


But if it doesn’t come to a point, shouldn’t it be a dullie? Or maybe a flattie?


I bought a couple of King Size for a school project and they are great for sign writing (love the chisel tip!) and marking the top of yogurt lids for freezing big batches of veg and chicken stock. The ‘ink’ goes down super thick and almost greasy. It takes a bit longer to dry. And do not let them sit on your sink or countertop flipped over on the ink side overnight: in the AM you will have some fun scouring off the transferred ink stain.

Magnum size?!?! Now I have Trumpian pen(is) envy. But my hands are so large (she said)?

I don’t know if the ink has been updated since then, but when I used to tag with these back in the 90s, they would fade pretty rapidly. if your work is going to be exposed to sunlight a lot, Pilot markers are the sure-shot and you can get ink refills, too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Magnum ink has been updated by now, though. YMMV

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Of course it’s company policy never to, imply ownership in the event of a Magnum Sharpie… always use the indefinite article a Magnum Sharpie, never your Magnum Sharpie.


When I have the pocket space, I carry one of these just in case. So much easier than black paint.

Mon crayon est grand et jaune


I would love to see those three line widths drawn on a piece of paper.

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I know! Right?

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I got a whole box of these the other day, they’re actually pretty great - no problems with flow or catching on rough spots. The ink formulation does seem slightly different as well. It smells a little bit different and the brown hue when the light hits it just so is definitely different. Whether the new ink helps with longevity under sunlight remains to be seen though.

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“Is that a Magnum in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”


Gel Rollerball >>>>>> Felt tip

uniball Signo 207 master race checking in!

I have a couple of these and call them “blunties”.


Man, I love Sharpies and I’m not sure why.
I can’t wait to get these.

I have a newspaper lined corner in the former kitchen for just that.

You’re the kind of guy landlords hate.

“don’t worry, the fumes will dissipate… Eventually”

“why yes, I am operating a jackhammer… Albeit a modified one adapted to break up samples.”

“of course I need to anchor it to the wall with 5/8ths inch bolts. It’d fall over and smash through the window if I didn’t”

“of course it’s safe! If you don’t raise your voice to me, the robot won’t tear your arms off.”