Good deal on a box of nitrile gloves


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The black nitrile don’t use amines to cure the nitrile and they decompose a bit faster in the landfill when you toss them.


I can certainly think of some ‘interesting’ other uses for these gloves…


100 for $14

or, if you are a Costco member, 400 for $19

Edit: the gloves Mark links to are 8mil and probably way more durable than the Costco exam gloves, which are good but flimsy and meant for light use, so much so they don’t even mention how many mils they are.


I don’t think that stock photo is a nitrile glove. That’s latex, I think.


Here’s a better stock image.


Friendly PSA: skip these if you work with ketones (acetone, MEK, etc) , which rapidly degrade nitrile. Go with latex.

Nitrile is pretty great for almost everything else, though.


snap Time to play doctor!

Hey…maybe you should get that lump checked.


9 mil are cheaper at harbor freight.



Yeah. Ethidium bromide, e.g.

(FTR, its still freaking me out no end that this is classified as potentially mutagenic. Binds to DNA. Fuck, IT BINDS TO DNA! One of our professors told us stories that they used to get the gels out of the staining without gloves… )


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