Nitrile and latex disposable gloves put to the test

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Make sure to store your rubber gloves next to the duct-tape and rope in the trunk of your car. /s


More than twice expensive in Canada. Yay capitalism:

It’s all about the mil size. Cheap gloves are usually only 3 or 4 mil while the more expensive ones are 6 to 8 mil. I never buy anything less than 6 mil and they usually hold up very well regardless of brand - although I do usually get the Raven. The other pro tip is to get orange or blue as black ones get really hot, really quickly when working in the sun.

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I use Microflex Midknight and they seem to work well for what I need them for. They are 4.7mil so they are more durable ones out there.

I’ve used many boxes of Venom gloves over the years, mostly for handling super-hot peppers (habanero and up). Reliable quality, no burning fingers! And this was before they introduced double-thickness gloves to my local big box.

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