Silicone BBQ gloves on sale for $7


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I wonder how well the cheap(er) versions on AliExpress stack up?

Oh for f**k’s sake!

Package included: 1x Oven Gloves(just one piece, not 1 pair)

So even the cheapest item must be multiples by two, which exceeds the $6.80/pair on Amazon.

#Go Amazon!


I have a few silicon pot holders and they really don’t work well. They heat up very quickly (like seconds) and I’ve been burned a few times right through them. I a can see them being a thing if you’re skeeved out by handling meat directly with leather or fabric. But I wouldn’t trust them on anything metal glass or ceramic though.

For my part I prefer leather welding or bbq gloves, some of which can be had with silicone/rubber coatings for cleaner food contact.


I prefer my Cast Iron oven mitts. Sure I need a pully system to even lift them, but they are durable and never need to be reseasoned.


I prefer having a chef to do all this work for me.


I gotta agree. I have these exact gloves, and they’re good for pulling a hot pan out of the oven for maybe 10 seconds, then heat starts bleeding through. Not “burn you badly” hot, but still pretty uncomfortable.


I have these as well. I picked a red hot piece of metal out of an open fire with them. It was warm but it was glowing metal. I was impressed.


Would it help to put in a thermal insulation pad?Maybe an array of wooden beads on a string grid? That’d provide the combination of insulation properties of wood and grip of silicone, and would not much compromise the tactile sensitivity.


Which is odd because all of the ones at Amazon are from Chinese retailers…


Is this native advertising (i.e. did BoingBoing get paid for this post) or do you actually like these gloves so much that you decided to inform us about them?


(Deafening silence)


I refuse to acknowledge the validity of these mitts unless they bear the mark of a of an overpriced European brand that focuses on lifestyle marketing over product quality and utility.

Also do they come in cornflower blue?


One Glove Cooking is so Zen


Q: What is the sound of One Glove Cooking?











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