$10 silicone oven mitts


It also makes your hands appear larger and more attractive to guys.

Unless I’ve completely misunderstood how silicone works.


So, the hiding of affiliate links behind link-shorteners is now a normal BB thing, and not a Frauenfelder one-off?

Seems kind of contrary to the BB position (it’s transparent, everyone knows about affiliate links, and they can tell by the link) articulated here:

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Nothing is being hidden. It is a geo-redirector that we are trying out to send people to shops that work for them. As we openly state we derive revenue from affiliate programs, seems natural we would try these services.

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If you mouse-over the link and can’t see to which domain it redirects, that’s not “transparent”.

What are geni.us’s 3rd party data, retention, affiliate, etc policies?


You are correct. If we are going to work with these guys we need to add it to our privacy policy and disclose this stuff. I will get on that and work to take down links til then. Thanks.


You’re much better off using welding gloves http://www.amazon.com/Steiner-21918X-Welding-18-Inch-Shoulder/dp/B004GKNJ9Y/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1427139047&sr=8-5&keywords=welding+gloves

They protect more than just your hands. Also, unless it has drain holes, your silicone mitts are going to hold that boiling hot substance right on your skin if something splashes into the glove.

Think transporting a hot pot of water and it sloshes over the side and right into the glove.


I have used these for years in the kitchen, 5 pairs for $5 bucks, not too shabby!

The one I saw over the weekend was using the tidd.ly shortener, which I mistakenly associated with tiddlywiki until I did some digging to find a blog post about it on “Affiliate Window”'s official site. It’s interesting that you can’t even just go to tidd.ly to find out who it’s associated with; it serves up a blank page.

I guess we won’t see any more stories about “Why URL shorteners suck”.


Yeah, I’ve got some silicone mitts at home and while they’re good for grabbing lids or other things quickly, they’re not good for holding hot objects for prolonged periods. I have to stop and cool the air inside them down after a few minutes of holding a spaghetti squash so I can shred it properly.

The safety orange ones match my apron nicely.


A pair of thick welding gauntlet gloves costs about $10 bucks, protects the forearms and hands lasting years. Bless the cows that provided the hide, poor things.

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I’m thinking the silicone cleans up better with soap and water than split cowhide does.

How many bullet ants can they hold?

Yeah, that’s why I keep using the silicon ones even if I have to take a break. Holding hot and messy food is silicon’s wheelhouse. It just doesn’t breathe, so the heat that makes its way through stays trapped.


Those are gloves, not mitts.

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