Grease Monkey Gorilla Grip gloves: thin, durable, grippy gloves


They’re not very warm, but the dexterity is remarkable…Picking a coin off of a flat surface remarkable. So they’re also nice as a liner in mittens…you can take the mittens off for the brief time that you need real dexterity, like getting your keys out of your pocket.

I used to buy 5 packs of these, but the price went up. Switched to the Home Depot house brand, $10 for 10 pair. Just as good. A must have for woodworking (gives me chapped hands an splinters) and machining (thin enough to work in, thick enough to stop cuts from handling unbroken corners). Great to keep a few pair in the car for emergency… in the glove compartment! It’s true the are not warm, but that’s a benefit- makes it tolerable to wear them in hot working conditions.

Certain brands of the vinyl dipped ones are pretty indespensable for certain kinds of work. I think they’re atlas sure fit that are standard for commercial fishing. Close fitting cut resistant glove with a heavy coat of vinyl on the palms and fingers. Just about the best oyster glove you’ll ever use too. The thinner gorilla glove don’t hold up long with the constant wet, ropes, knives and hooks from what I’ve seen. But I’ve see guys use them under their regular boat gloves for some extra dexterity when needed. You also see a lot of fishermen, recreational or commercial, using neoprene wet suit gloves. Though I’m not sure how cut resistant they are.

I thought these were gonna be perfect when I was working in a cold environment. But even though they were comfortable, and gripped great when warm, as soon as I stepped into the cold room, they ceased to stick to anything. I went back to the cheap latex-dipped cotton gloves that cost $1 a piece. They wear out after a month, but you can’t beat the grip.

Just what I need to get a firm grip on my new iPhone 6!

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