Box of 100 nitrile gloves on sale for a low price

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Perfect for Firefly cosplayers on a budget.



When they say “not for medical use,” it means that (among other things) you don’t want to count on them to keep dangerous substances (like blood) from skin contact. Pity, because XL hands and ski patrol.


Are you sure about this? I think it has more to do with the sterility of the gloves themselves for situations like operating rooms. They should keep the blood off you just fine.

We use these gloves in Body Removal for the Coroners. Lots of blood and everything else you can think of. They performed fine.


Two by two, hands of blue.

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I can’t afford a screen-accurate replica of Captain Reynold’s coat but I can afford to turn 50 conservatively-dressed accountants into sinister agents from the Union of Allied Planets.


They might be OK. They’re probably sterile, too, if for no other reasons than that sterile comes easily in mass production. Or, there might be pinholes – without testing no way to tell.

Part of the cost of the medical ones is the certified testing. A rather large part, actually.

I’d rather not gamble.

Howie Mandel is out of the game!

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it’s weird how expensive and how few deals there have been on these over the past year, I wonder if they are affected by the trump tarrif taxes

I’ve been near an “endless supply” of gloves for months, but they don’t last long. A minute or twi, and then discarded. Of course, it’s medical use, so they can’t reuse them.

We shall not speakage… of leakage.


Pro-tip: Old hospital blankets in the body-bag can help contain any sloshing.


I’m surprised this isn’t bundled with one of Cory’s leather slave gimp masks.


Dang, the mediums are twice as much.

This is around the standard (non-sale) Harbor Freight price for 5 mil nitrile gloves

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That reminds me:

‘In the movie Dune , the suits worn by the Guild members were body bags that were found in a disused fire station dating back to the early 1920′s.The bags had actually been used several times, something that was kept from the cast members until after shooting was completed.’


Well, I learned something new today. I mean, I wish I hadn’t but there you go.


Now I can start my cavity search app business.

A totally untrained but enthusiastic rider will be with you shortly.


I worked on a production of Jesus Christ Superstar that used the original Bene Gesserit robes (sans headpiece) for Caiaphas and his buddies. The sound crew took turns between backstage and booth, and on the nights that I worked backstage, one of my jobs was to crawl up each of those robes at intermission and change the battery in the wireless mic.

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