Own your own Dune stillsuit gloves

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Holding out for the suit let lets me drink my own processed urine and sweat…


I call those my summer motorcycle gloves…


I want my still suit with a mash pocket so I can make my own whiskey!


I’m less ambitious, mash pocket and botanicals. call it gin. Whiskey needs time to mature.Gin’s cheap piss!


I hate the wrist knuckles with the passion of a 1000 fiery suns. Why hold back? They should have cut up 100 pairs of gloves and made the entire suit out of knuckles.


Why? These gloves look just like some regular motorcycle gloves.
The rest of the suit in my opinion also resembles motorcycle armour.

The original headline for this post was “Drink your own piss with the Oakley Factory gloves” but I thought that was probably too obscure and gross even for this audience


There are some crazy motorcycle gloves out there. I couldn’t resist the Mad Max style of the Icon TiMax gloves and they’re actually really nice, comfortable gloves!

Plus I look like I’m riding in the wasteland.


You would have upset the pedants who would point out that one would require more than just the gloves to safely drink your own urine.

And then I would recycle my classic joke: Some people pay extra for that.

I got these cool gloves on an impulse buy this winter. It’s on brand for me (red/black), but I wish the letters weren’t on it.

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Love the casting of the movie. Love the director. Fascinated by the changes that they are describing to a couple of characters. So, while I’m a superfan of the first four books, I understand that the story and characters, while somewhat archetypical, can be modified slightly and still be relevant and honor the intent of the story.

Not very impressed with the design of the stillsuits or the armor for Atriedes soldiers. Both of them do not show an understanding of how they fit in the universe and, in the story, tell a greater part of it.

Why would you need armor if you have force shields? The Atriedes fighting force was supposed to rival those of the Emperor, which is one of the reasons that the Emperor got involved in the Atriedes / Harkonnen conflict in the first place.To have armor seems to negate or completely belittle an essential subplot involving Paul’s training which is an intrinsic part of the story later when Paul fights Jamis. Paul has shield training SO ingrained in his fighting style. He can’t help it. While fighting Jamis, the Fremen actually think Paul is just taunting Jamis, but it’s ALL because of the training with shields because ONLY the slow attack get through shields. It’s a VERY pivotal and important scene and …Not sure how that’s going to work if shield tech is not in there…and if they have shield tech, why the hell would you need armor?

Stillsuits are described and exceedingly sophisticated and elegant functional garments. Designed by the Freman for as long as they have memory of being on Arrakis. Designed to be able to not hinder the fighter in any way. Smooth, flexible and efficient. These stillsuits look like heavy, cumbersome, kludged together pieces of motocross armor with SO many seams and straps and cracks for sand to get in and DESTROY things…

These are BARELY better than the Lynch versions from the 80’s…Ugh…

Definitely not impressed with the costume design so far…Hopefully, other things will explain why they look the way they do…


Keep in mind if you’re “melanin enhanced” that there are several states where a suitably irritated policeman could very easily interpret vaguely written laws prohibiting either brass knuckes or weighted gloves (often felony weapons violations) to include many of these more apocalyptic motorcycle accoutrements.

I’m looking at you CA.

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Most Fremen don’t wear stillsuit gloves, they rub juice from the creosote bush on their palms, instead.

I use to run gloves with large stiff knuckle protectors until the protectors snapped my metacarpal in a highside. Now I run RS Taichi


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Nonsense… there is nothing too obscure or gross for this audience…


Hm. What I’ve been seeing so far seem to be promotional photographs. Not necessarily pulled directly from the film. Perhaps (like ‘stock music’ – not films’ actual scores – used in movie trailers), we’re seeing mockup/placeholder outfits – effectively off the rack stuff – to get an early notion of what the costumed characters would look like on the screen before committing to costume fabrication? I don’t know. Just guessing here. We’ll see. But not soon enough.

Holy shit! Those are the same gloves an Ottawa cop beat a man to death with: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-police-reinforced-gloves-abdirahman-abdi-1.4018998


Not the knuckles on the knuckles. The second set of knuckles added to the wrist.

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Thanks! I didn’t notice that and it definitely looks ridiculous.

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