More shots from the new Dune movie

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Oh, cool. I hope it’s good. I really liked the SciFy miniseries of the first book, though I missed the next one I think they made. The stillsuits look pretty cool, even if using motorcycle gloves are a funny touch.


Sharon Duncan-Brewster must be one hell of an actress to play Chani’s dad.


I wish the VF writer had read the book before his descriptions of the details…

But I look forward to the movies.


Wait until you see the guy to they cast as Chani…


randos on the internet upset about SF/fantasy casting? whatever could the reason be?


I’m trying to set reasonable expectations for myself but can’t help but be excited about this adaptation. The Dune books were a huge part of my introduction into the science fiction/fantasy world of reading and I still try to re-read books 1-3 every few years or so for the fun of it.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be a high-budget, beautiful-looking flop, but I’m here for it!

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I remember going to see the Lynch version in first run. I liked the book, but wasn’t a zealot about it, but there were true fans who were walking out in the middle of the movie in tears.


After reading more of the VF article, it’s pretty clear that the the cast didn’t read the book, either.

Lady Jessica’s duty is to deliver a savior to the universe—and now she has a greater role in defending and training Paul too.

No, her job was to produce a female child who could be wed off to the Harkonan male heir and repair a huge rift in the empire. Instead, for love of Leto, she bore him a male heir so that the house Atreides could remain independent.


I find the twelve-year age gap between Chalamet and Ferguson a little weird, but I don’t think that will affect the quality of the movie.


I have spent decades saying, “He is the dink-blop melon zorp!” just to upset my Dune obsessed friend from elementary school.


Haha, I’m definitely no zealot about it. I feel like I used to get butthurt about screen adaptations of books (hello, Harry Potter), but have tried to be more mature than that in the last decade or two :slight_smile: Something can be terrible, but it won’t drive me to tears. Yeesh!

The Lynch version came out before I was born, so I had the advantage of coming to it years afterwards when the initial shock/hurt feelings had worn off.


Sally Field is 10 years older than Tom Hanks, and she played his mother in Forrest Gump. Hollywood is weird about age differences. I seem to recall some movie where the actress playing the mother was actually younger than the actor playing the son. Can’t remember what is was, and I could be remembering wrong.


Same, though I first saw the Lynch version before reading the book, because my grandfather made me watch it when I was five years-old! Waaaay too young for any David Lynch movie.


It was truly dreadful, and I think the shock put some people over the edge. People coming to it later know what to expect, since it’s been out for so long.


Sally Fields and Tom Hanks are very good at their craft. We’ll have to see how two much lesser proven actors manage.


Y’know, if they ever do finally get around to making a stillsuit that works and will not kill the wearer, I’m here for it.

Frank Herbert’s work history is something I find interesting, and one of his jobs was, at some point, a “jungle” [wilderness] survival instructor:

Seconded. How very Hollywood of the casting and production team.


And that’s why you turned out so great!

I think I saw it in my early tweens - still too young for a Lynch movie.


Chalamet at least has the advantage of more acting experience than MacLachlan had in the same role; it was MacLachlan’s first real role, and he didn’t have the skill for it at the time. They needed a really gifted young actor, and he wasn’t it. He’s matured, but the movie suffered for it.


True, he was pretty bad in a few scenes. You can almost see him improve from scent to scene. Which makes for a disjointed movie since it’s not filmed sequentially.

But, I don’t think you’ll get much traction trying to compare this to the Lynch version. :slight_smile: There’s already too much hate for that movie in certain quarters. From the direction the director and the actors seem to be going, they might be much worse off when compared to that version. I just hope it’s better than the other miniseries of Dune.