New Dune movie will take no cues from Lynch's version


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But Denis Villeneuve, directing a new movie of Brian Herbert’s SF classic, says he’ll be taking pains not to let it influence his own vision.

@beschizza, typo there, Brian didn’t write Dune, his dad Frank did.


Thank you, fixed.


One of the few remakes I’m happy for. I loved the fever dream that was Lynch’s Dune, but it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out when it’s given a high budget treatment a little closer to the book. I found the Sci-Fi Channel remake interesting, if a bit low-budget.


I dunno…I didn’t even know the games existed. I appreciate Lynch’s Dune because it is majestically awful.

Also: Jadorowsky’s Dune. We could’ve had something even more bonkers.


I wonder if he’ll avoid(or potentially deliberately embrace) the influences of the whole “not really a secret that Arrakis is Space Afghanistan” thing. Our relationship to that concept may have shifted a bit since the '80s.


For a second, I worried about which Dune book they were doing.


Didn’t watch the interview- is it a single film that’s planned or a series? Also, I’ve never read the book… is it possible to condense it all into a single film effectively? The one time I watched the lynch film, my uncle had to explain virtually every scene… it just seemed so dense in a good way…


i think if the movie takes some cues from this it would make a great spectacle.


But will he take pains to not be influenced by Jodorowsky’s unrealized Dune?


Afghanistan specifically as opposed to the whole Middle East isn’t the best metaphor, since there’s no oil… er… Spice there.



Wh needs “Dune?”

We have Valerian!


No spice? Really?


“The spice must flow!”


Any reason to post this beaut’…


They could still skip all the way to the Honored Matres mess at the end. :nauseated_face:


I’m Gen X, liked the Lynch version, and never played the games. With a score by Toto, there’s really little room to complain.


After Arrival and Blade Runner I have a huge amount of trust in Villeneuve. It’s incredible how quickly he’s broken out.

I have never understood the love some people have for Lynch’s Dune. While there are some remarkable visuals and great moments it doesn’t work as a movie or adaptation of the book.


Seeing it at 11 was pretty awesome. Those memories don’t help it to stand up to modern watching.


Dune II (1992) is justly famous as one of the founders of the real-time strategy genre, and the immediate predecessor to Command & Conquer. Dune 1 was a completely unrelated point-and-click adventure that actually hit shelves after Dune II thanks to some really weird licensing decisions, 1998’s Dune 2000 was a mediocre remake of Dune II, and 2001’s Emperor: Battle for Dune was a decent but not impressive sequel that ended the series.

So Dune II is the only one that had real cultural impact, and it looked like this:

I’m not sure it was a major factor in the popularity of Lynch’s vision of Dune.

(Edit: Turns out there was also a separate, unsuccessful 2001 game based on Sci-Fi’s Dune miniseries.)