Sorry, David Lynch's Dune sucks (or does it?)


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“The video contains content from FDS File Defense Service UG” would sound better without the words, seriously.

BTW, the “director’s cut” with the additional storyboard/comic drawings was an odd thing to watch…
… and I still like the mesmerizing quality of the film, whatever anyone says.


The video contains content from FDS File Defense Service UG, Who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds

Why post such things if everybody can’t watch?


As an adaptation of Dune, the novel, it definitely sucks.

As a coherent story on its own merits, it also kinda sucks.

As an ostentatious display of gorgeous set design, costumes, imaginative ships, nutty visuals, eccentric ideas, and some of the hammiest over-the-top acting I’ve ever seen in a movie, it’s a lot of fun, which is why I love it.

Edit: is there really an unreleased full Brian Eno soundtrack to the movie? He has one terrific track on there but I didn’t know he’d supposedly done more.


I wasn’t notified of the takedown and they haven’t taken it down where I live. Sorry!


I don’t disagree that the movie doesn’t really convey the book well - the entire root premise of the book is more-or-less lost, in fact.

I do wonder if this is one of those books that simply cannot be filmed in a faithful way. I know they said that couldn’t be done with “The Lord of the Rings”, and Jackson managed to do it well, but I’m just not sure Dune can ever be a movie or miniseries or any physical visual medium that can accurately portray the tone and mental visual imagery of the book.

That said, having actually taken the time to watch both the 3 hour and 4 hour versions, they really go a long way to salvaging it. If you are a fan and haven’t seen them you really should. You’ll be surprised how much they improve on the theatrical release.


It’s rumored, but I doubt it would have remained unreleased this long if it existed.


“Hammiest”. Thanks for teaching me that expression. I approve, even though I feel that the acting is not particularly over the top. It just has already a particular level of weirdness.


If so, he may have repurposed it. I always wondered if his track on the soundtrack was a leftover from his Apollo album (which would’ve made a decent Dune soundtrack).[quote=“LutherBlisset, post:8, topic:99491”]
I approve, even though I feel that the acting is not particularly over the top.
Pretty much every scene with Brad Dourif is gold, and then there’s the Harkonnens in general…


“I am the Wizencraft of Beozendoodle!”


Yeah, it sucks. But that’s mainly due to the performances. It’s like Lynch gave the entire cast the direction “Don’t act, OVERACT!”, and “Chew the scenery like you’ve been starving for years!”. Hell, he got a bad performance out of Patrick Stewart! Now THAT takes some incompetent direction. And it takes itself so fucking seriously, like it thinks that it is better than Citizen Kane, every damn frame. I’d write more, but FIRST, I MUST TAME THE WORM!


Don’t you live in the US now?
So do I. Huh weird.


Me: “You’ve never seen Dune?!”

Other person: “No…should I?”

Me: “Well, no probably not…”


David Lynch’s Dune sucks


I think it only “sucks” because people expected more from it: a wildly popular sci-fi novel, a young auteur who had already made a couple brilliant and/or unique films, and yet the finished product is unsatisfying. I like to imagine how it might’ve turned out if Ridley Scott or Kubrick had done it instead, or if they’d recast it completely.


Wow, harsh…



Never read the book, but I can’t imagine a book that large ever having a single movie doing it complete justice. The rest of your critique I think is dead on.


Quite honestly, I’ve never gotten through the book. But every person I know who’s read it and loves it just LOATHES the movie, can’t stand to watch it.

If you haven’t seen the excellent Jodorowsky’s Dune, it gives an idea of what an alternate-universe version of the movie was almost made, with designs by HR Gieger and Chris Foss, storyboards by Moebius, soundtrack by Pink Floyd, and starring Mick Jagger, Salvador Dali, and Orson Welles. Jodorowsky never read the book, but based the script on someone telling him what Dune was about.


Sure am in the US (at a PA verizon IP). The blocker is a german company, so maybe you’re getting routed through there for some reason