These erasable highlighter pens are fun and useful

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Highlighters are one of my favorite windows into human nature. They fall into the same category as the line to get into our rec center on campus at the beginning of the academic year. The first week of classes, there are a few dozen undergraduate students lined up when the center opens at 6:00 am. Later in the week, it’s a dozen, and then by the second week, it’s fewer than 5. Same with highlighters. Every used textbook I ever purchased had the first chapter very diligently highlighted, but I rarely saw the same level of attention past chapter 2. :rofl:

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Could you also heat the page to erase the highlights? What if the book got left in a hot car on a hot summer day?


The frixion ink pen can be erased by heat. I had exactly this happen when I left a notebook on the center console in my car. There were some pages of notes that I had to re-copy by looking very closely at the pages to see the now-transparent ink lines.


As a fellow magic enthusiast Mark probably won’t be surprised to hear that Frixion pens and a lighter are great for illusions too.

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Actually, if the ink has disappeared due to heat only (such as being left in a hot car as opposed to actually erasing) you can put the paper in the freezer and the ink will reappear.

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