Fun with FriXion pens

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This is begging for a list of mischievous suggested uses.

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UV light also makes it reappear (at least, while the light is shining). I have a post about this I have yet to throw up on my blog, but it’s a fun trick. Ice doesn’t work as well as freezing in the freezer though. Aside from sogginess, it takes a good bit of time. UV light it the more attractive option to me because it’s quicker and less soggy. You get less fading if you apply a different heat source other than friction. A lighter works, haven’t tried a hair dryer.

ETA: Got the relevant post up.

Something else to keep in mind is that the pens indent the paper visibly.


That’s why my notes disappeared! I wrote ones like “Ah-bitta bot-bot, bah-bot bot, dum-bitta bot-bot, bah-bot diddle-diddle ding ring”, but when I went back they were gone! I thought I was losing my mind, but it turns out the ink faded under my hot beats!
Now if I can just figure out where my sick rhymes went…


These are fantastic for sewing or other needlework (embroidery, cross-stitch). I am a fairly advanced sewist (make all of my own clothes) and I use Frixion pens to mark absolutely everything, and teach sewing lessons with them. There are so many colors, you can find one to show up on any fabric, and they disappear with just a pass of a relatively cool iron. (Of course, you test first - since the ink is water-based I have heard of it marring some fabrics.)

Also, water soluble glue. Essential for good sewing.

[On topic because it’s Mark and I’m a maker right? I mean, “maker” usually implies technology, but my sewing machine has more buttons than the Apollo command module.)


I love these pens, and I don’t know why they’re not more popular. I accidentally left one in my jacket pocket and washed and dried the jacket in a dryer…the ink disappeared in the pen.

I adore these pens for writing on D&D character sheets.

Imagine it: an erasable writing tool that never needs sharpening. Gold!

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I was first introduced to the magic possibilities of these pens via the web series Scam School back in 2009.

I also discovered that my electronics freezer spray would make the text reappear.

Club “PWAGAMT” (people who aren’t good at magic tricks.)
Love it!

These are required for use in Rocketbooks. After filling in the notebooks (and snapping images of the pages, uploaded to your cloud acct.), microwave the book and the pages are cleared for re-use. No need for the eraser at all, except for just-in-time edits. And no, I don’t work for Rocketbook. And a hair dryer works too if you just want to erase a few pages at a time.

You can do magic tricks with these, too:

I did a variation on that for a Harry Potter class I was teaching. I presented it as a Muggle trick I’d learned. When I screwed it up, I fixed it with a Retcon Totalis charm. (I held the prediction up to a candle while I did that so everyone could see it.)

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