7-pack of erasable, multi-colored gel ink pens

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Use them to do magic!

I backed the Rocketbook Everlast notebook. It’s, in essence, a notebook with 32 polymer pages that are designed to be written on and then erased. There’s a companion app that lets you take photos of the filled out page and upload them to a service of your choice (well, there’s a dozen or so that are supported, pretty much the ones you’d expect). It uses the Frixion pen line and is quite fun and functional. I’m reasonably happy. But let’s focus on the relevant part: The pens.

The pens feel very smooth, possibly even a bit smoother than the Pilot G2 gel pens. That said, the left-handed among us will have to be a little careful to avoid smearing the ink (at least when writing in a left-to-right language): It dries in 5 sec or less in my experience, but every once in a while the pen will drop more than the usual amount of ink, which will take significantly longer to dry out. The time to dry might be different on regular paper; I haven’t tried to write on that material as extensively.

Erasing – the back end of the Frixion doubles as an eraser – works reasonably well on regular paper, amazingly enough. It works great on plasticized surfaces, as you would expect. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ink is erased with no smears or significant marks remaining on regular printer paper (about 40lb paper weight for those that case; lighter paper might be more of a challenge). I also tried writing on a bit of thermal-paper receipt from a grocery store. Which is how I learned that rubbing the thermal paper with anything at all will cause the thermal coating to react and darken. The ink itself erased cleanly, but the rubbing action itself activated the surrounding coating, creating a “negative” effect of the text I erased. Erasing worked just fine on the reverse, uncoated, side of the receipt.

Of course things go hilariously wrong in any sort of a wet environment. I tried to use the notebook to follow my shopping list yesterday. The humidifier sprayers in the fresh produce section were not my friends. You will also learn to dry your hands really thoroughly after washing them. None of that “oh, it’s just a little damp, who cares” nonsense unless you want to be recreating a page full of notes (here again, your experience may differ if you’re using regular paper).

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