Write with a pen, save your notes online with this futuristic notebook

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Came here to mock the ad copy, but i see it’s already a self-parody.


A similar idea would be to jot a note on your phone using a stylus, then use your camera to take a picture of the phone’s screen, then download the picture from your camera onto your phone.


I think it’s actually a good idea. It’s just that they’re not really selling a notebook, they are selling an app service.

Big profit margins, because the notebook and pen are super cheap to produce.

I can see this thing being a great deal, actually. At somewhere between $10-$20 for the two pack. I guess stay tuned for when it hits the BoingBoing Store on deep discount!

This shit ain’t shit…


I have one. My advice? Just get a bunch of normal notebooks and remember your phone has a camera.

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Sounds like CLASSIC tech-more trouble than it’s worth. We should be building fucking bridges and highways instead of sticking money in these weasels pockets.

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