This smart notebook lets you write freehand while still saving your notes to the cloud

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From a review of two “erasable” notebooks:

Note: Don’t confuse the Rocketbook Everlast with the Rocketbook Wave. While the Everlast lets you erase your notes with a damp cloth, the Wave lets you erase notes by putting the entire notebook in the microwave.

This is a cool gimmick, but you can only erase the Wave around 5 times. After that, you’ll need to get a new one. For this reason, we recommend the Rocketbook Everlast. Any time from now on, we’re talking about the Rocketbook Everlast when we say “Rocketbook.”

Why would you buy this version when you can get another that more easily erases with a damp cloth an unlimited numbers of times?


No. No, there isn’t.


Using a microwave to erase writing is some proper 1960s sci-fi gimmicky stuff. Cool. Maybe pointless, but cool.

Having to use your phone to scan the page doesn’t seem like a step forward. I can already do that with a paper page.


I worked in a custom-sewing workroom, where there was an iron kept hot all day. One time the receptionist received a fax that got crumpled and smashed as the printout came out of the machine, so she took it over to the iron to smooth it out, not realizing that it was thermal-sensitive paper, and the whole page turned black before her eyes. She sure erased that writing! Or you might say “obliterated” I guess. It was, hmm, the early 2000s I think. Perhaps she was just ahead of her time.

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But then you need to use some sort of marking device that can be erased at least five times. Where do you get such high-tech stuff?

I have one of these, and it works pretty well. The OCR is what makes it worthwhile for me. Do you have a suggestion for a similarly cheap, effective OCR solution?

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